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Windows - Greek(el-gr)

Welcome to the Microsoft Terminology Community Forum: Windows - Greek(el-gr)

This forum provides the opportunity for language speakers to review and give feedback on terminology used to express technical concepts. This terminology appears on the user interface of Microsoft products.

Give Feedback on the Glossary: Windows - Greek(el-gr)

Click on Glossary on the top menu bar. A list of English words and phrases appears.

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  • To view all English terms that begin with a particular letter, click on that letter on the alphanumeric menu bar.
  • If you see a word or phrase where you would like to suggest a different translation, click on the Suggest Translation or Vote link next to it.
  • Each time you submit a new translation for a term, you may also include a brief comment explaining your suggestion. It is also possible to vote for and comment on other participants' suggestions and comments without submitting a new translation.
  • The English terms can be commented until the Microsoft Community Terminology Project is closed.


Please read the Microsoft Terminology Community Forum Guidelines and Rules of Conduct. Microsoft may block those who violate the Guidelines and Rules of Conduct from further participation.

Other Information

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Microsoft will begin reviewing, selecting and locking terms on 1/3/2011

We currently expect to collect feedback on the list of terms until 28/3/2011

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