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Reporte de Responsabilidad Social 2007 
Mission and Values
Corporate Citizenship
Unlimited Potential
Enabling Jobs
and Opportunities
Local Innovation
Transforming Education
Responsible Leadership
Intellectual Property
Online Safety

Knowledge, digital access, and IT skills are crucial for training underserved people for the tomorrow’
job market. We partner with governments, industries, and non-profit organizations
to advance economic growth and global competitiveness by bringing new skills and opportunities
to those facing challenges to joining their country’s workforce.
As our region develops, Microsoft initiatives that offer economic opportunities and training
for higher-paying jobs deliver true advances to marginalized populations. From students
and the elderly to those challenged by poverty and physical handicaps, Microsoft aims to
raise the region’s prospects one personal success at a time.
At Microsoft, we believe that Latin America’s gap in opportunities can and will be reduced.

POETA by the Numbers:
  • 7,000 people participated in the POETA
    training program.
  • 28.2 % of those found employment.
  • 62 POETA community technology centers
    will open by end of 2008.
  • POETA expects to reach 250,000 people
    by 2010.

Technology Skills Unlimited


Microsoft helps provide technology and job training for disabled people and at-risk youth through the Trust for the Americas program POETA (Partnership for Opportunities in Employment through Technology in the Americas). The Trust is affiliated with the Organization of American States.
Since 2004, POETA has opened 47 technology centers in 18 countries in our region.
POETA improves life for participants like Shirly Howard, an energetic Colombia native who embodies POETA success. Shirly suffers from scoliosis and phocomelia, a birth defect limiting her strength and mobility.

Her determination to learn technology skills at POETA helped her complete high school. She now pursues a degree in psychology. “I thank POETA … what I will learn here will help me improve my life … and positively affect my community,” Shirly said
Delivering Digital Access

Nearly 5 billion people worldwide lack access to computers and the Internet. Microsoft partners with service providers worldwide through the Microsoft Subscription Computing Program (SCP) to bring digital technology to families, individuals, and small businesses.
Latin America faces a daunting digital divide. Together with Microsoft SCP and OEM partners, Mexico’s principal telecommunications company, Telmex, offers an affordable computing and Internet package conveniently paid for in low monthly installments through subscribers’ existing telephone bill.
Suddenly, José Luis Jiménez of Mexico City can offer his family the benefits of home computing and broadband Internet.

They join the growing thousands of Mexican families whose barriers to technology have been minimized by credit access and affordable terms.
“Before,” says mother Leonor Jimenez, “it was difficult to buy a computer.” Now her children enjoy unprecedented access to educational and economic opportunities, which she believes promise a brighter future.
Digital Inclusion

Microsoft’s Partnerships for Technology Access (PTA) program supports over 50 initiatives providing PC access to marginalized populations worldwide.
PTA combines our efforts with those of governments and public-private partnerships. Together, we increase economic opportunities by providing technology for those on the disadvantaged side of the digital divide.
In Mexico, for example, Microsoft helped craft an affordable-technology solution by equipping 2,000 mid- to low-income homes with a PC and broadband connection. Costs are included in mortgage payments.

In Chile, PTA improved digital inclusion for small and medium-sized companies that lacked technology for selling via ChileCompra, the government’s purchasing portal. Microsoft and the government of Chile together created “Mi PYME Avanza” a solution allowing these firms to purchase PCs and software with low-interest loans – and sell to government purchasing agents.

“Without Microsoft’s leadership, this alliance would not exist.”

Tomás Campero,
Director of Public Purchases and Acquisitions, Government of Chile

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