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Interoperability is connecting people, data, and diverse systems. Microsoft meets customers’ interoperability needs by design in a variety of ways, so our products interoperate “out of the box” without requiring expensive consulting services.

We also build bridges to competitors and partners alike to foster competition and coexistence among innovative solutions.

Microsoft delivers interoperability through products, via collaborations with the industry, access to our technologies, and supporting and implementing industry standards. We recently deepened that commitment by expanding the openness of our high-volume business products to drive greater interoperability.

Ensuring Connectivity

Using various approaches, Microsoft delivers interoperability solutions to our customers. Interoperability ensures that different parts of complex networks can “talk with” each other, even when they include products from multiple vendors and platforms. Without interoperability, the IT industry would resemble a noisy Tower of Babel.
For example, Microsoft works with partners and competitors to promote interoperability. That’s a key value for consumers, governments, organizations, and businesses like Conductor, one of the largest credit-card processing outsourcers in Brazil. The company’s multi-vendor IT infrastructure left it with interoperability problems that created
costly inefficiencies.
By leveraging the Microsoft-Novell interoperability agreement, Conductor alleviated many problems and expects to save 55 percent on hardware, energy, and support costs. Conductor’s excellent service is bringing in new business. With interoperability solutions in place, the company can grow without fear of overburdening its system.

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