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Reporte de Responsabilidad Social 2007 
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Online Safety

The Internet has brought amazing changes in the way we communicate, learn, and
experience life. Yet the online world also brings an increasing number of threats: to
people, governments, institutions, and industries.
Concerns about online safety can seriously impact the ways people benefit
from technology – or fail to.
As Internet access increases, so does the need for better software and cyberspace
security. But technology alone can’t do the job. A comprehensive security plan must
encourage safe consumer practices, cooperation among industry partners, and
sound public policy.
Microsoft remains committed to delivering software, services, and best practices
that protect our customers and help ensure the online experience remains safe,
enjoyable, and family-friendly.

Navega Protegido

Microsoft and the Ricky Martin Foundation unveiled the Navega Protegido (Navigate Safely)
campaign in the famed singer’s native Puerto Rico.

The program educates parents, teachers, and children on safe and responsible use of the Internet via a variety of materials, including videos starring Martin and the portal www.navegaprotegidoeninternet.org.

The program offers tools to protect youngsters from risks associated with Internet use, providing a safer environment in which they can experience the online world. “Navega Protegido” helps reduce the risks associated with Internet browsing, protecting
youngsters from sexual predators, pornography, identity theft, and computer viruses.

Since its kickoff in 2005, the Navega Protegido initiative has reached people in 16 countries throughout the region and received support from governments, non-profit organizations, corporations, and the Latin American IT industry.

Protecting Children
  It’s every parent’s nightmare: a sexual predator approaches your child via the Internet. Microsoft committed to help stop and apprehend cyber-criminals who use online anonymity to evade detection as they target and endanger children.

Working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Toronto Police Services, Microsoft developed The Child Exploitation
Tracking system (CETS).

This unique software tool helps law enforcement fight those who prey on the Internet’s most vulnerable users. CETS allows investigators to search, share, and analyze evidence in child exploitation cases that bridge police jurisdictions and country boundaries. Police using the Microsoft program can more effectively identify and prosecute offenders, making the online world safer for youngsters.

Brazil and Chile recently became the first Latin American countries to implement CETS.
Microsoft donated the software licenses.

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