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Reporte de Responsabilidad Social 2007 
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Transforming Education
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We believe that information and communication technologies (ICT) help people, communities, and entire countries realize their full potential. Yet for millions of people, the benefits of ICT remain beyond reach.
Excellence in education provides the foundation for successful economic growth. Through
our Partners in Learning (PiL) programs, Microsoft works with governments, academics ,
and others throughout Latin America to focus technology and resources on education.
Recently, Microsoft increased to $500 million the company’s global commitment to PiL,
expanding it from kindergarten through university level. In Latin America and the Caribbean, Microsoft PiL has trained more than 1.5 million teachers, who have reached more than 8.2 million students.

“This is the result of two years of teamwork with Microsoft. The key to success is not just computers, but the interaction among teachers and students.
The children feel more motivated to learn. This school sets an example to our country,”

Explained Peñalolén Mayor Claudio Orrego.
Schools of the Future

Microsoft’s Innovative Schools program helps students worldwide prepare for 21st century success.
One Innovative School initiative, “Schools of the Future” (SOF), weaves technology into every aspect of the educational environment to transform learning.
Technology serves a strict educational function, preparing students from all socioeconomic levels for rewarding jobs in tomorrow’s digital workplace.

The SOF model can be adapted for any location. Latin America already boasts three Schools of the Future: Sonora, Mexico; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and the Erasmo Escuela School in Peñalolén, Chile. The district had long struggled to improve education. By involving parents, students, the community, academics, and the government, Peñalolén’s School of the Future became a reality. The effort showed immediate results as attendance improved.
By involving stakeholders at every level, Schools of the Future achieve change far beyond the classroom.
Teaching Globally

Microsoft’s Innovative Teachers Network (ITN) provides a worldwide network of portals that are local in implementation yet global in reach. The program allows educators to share successful teaching methods and innovative content with peers across town and around the globe.
Mexico‘s education portal connects an online community of teachers using technology to transform education experiences at www.profesoresinnovadores. net/mexico.
Developed through an agreement between Microsoft Spain and Microsoft Mexico, with Spain’s

Telefonica Foundation as sponsor, Mexico’s portal improves education, resulting in more engaged students.
In partnership with the Ministry of Education, the site provides digital lessons in math, language, reading, science, and more. Teachers share best technology practices and have access to digital content produced by colleagues worldwide.
Together, students and teachers learn creative uses of technology – a must for success in
the 21st-century economy.
Innovative Students

Information technology and education are critical to creating economic opportunities. Microsoft feels deeply committed to fostering innovative teaching and learning methods that arm students with practical skills needed to thrive in today’s knowledge economy.
Microsoft’s Student Help Desk has trained 981,000 students in 17 Latin American countries. While helping their classmates, Student Help Desk participants learn to administer computer labs and gain technology skills that translate into real-world jobs.


Brazilian student Dimas Faustino de Souza, 16, joined the program, known in Brazil as “Programa Aluno Monitor.” A model student at State Primary School in Paraiba, Dimas acquired professional experience and helps his family with money he earns using skills learned in the program.
“The Student Help Desk Program …really made me aware of what I wanted for my future,” Dimas said.

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