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Extending Digital Power to Everyone
Microsoft seeks to extend its digital power to everyone because it knows that it can help them change the course of their lives. This is the power of technology and the skills to use it. It's a power that everyone deserves, but not everyone has access to. At Microsoft, we believe one of our most important contributions is to help bring about the day when everyone does.

Therefore, partnering with governments, universities, communities, and schools around the world, Microsoft shares in an ongoing, comprehensive commitment to promote digital inclusion, and to help expand access to technology tools, skills, and innovation.

Together, we have created and expanded different initiatives aiming to educate children and youth in IT, foster innovation of every community, train people and, thus, enable them to join the ranks of the employed and even to develop their own projects through technological collaboration.

Innovative Teachers’ Network: this space was awarded the UNESCO prize for providing support to teachers who use ICT in their work.

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Imagine Cup is the world's premier student technology competition that gives students a chance to find solutions to real world problems.

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The POETA program aims to deliver technology and training centers to people with disabilities region-wide, thus facilitating their inclusion in the job market.

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Latin America
- 48 countries
- 577 million inhabitants

Microsoft in the region
- Presence in 46 countries
- 21 offices
- Over 2,000 direct employees
- 66,000 business partners
- 24 years of presence
- US$ 95.7 million invested in Corporate Social Responsibility programs between 2004 and 2010.
- 128,353,745 people benefited.

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