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Alianza por la Educación

Microsoft Innovative Schools program is helping Latin American schools go beyond the classroom boundaries and traditional education models. Through the contribution of our most valuable assets, our people, we help today’s education be more committed, inspiring and relevant.

he Innovative Schools program provides assistance to 560 schools by offering intellectual property, technology knowledge and our support. We work closely with them to discover best learning practices. By means of our shared experiences and goals, we are creating models that can be used by any school in the future to prepare children for success in the 21rst century.

Escuelas Innovadoras

Before taking the decision of investing in computers for the department schools, Cundinamarca’s Government decided to bring forward two pilots to evaluate ICT adoption in the teaching-learning process.

Through MS’s aid, OLPCs with Windows operating system were donated. Microsoft assumed a six-month managerial and technical support (July to December 2009) and is now delivering the running pilots to the government. The firm Internacional Technosapiens carried out an impact study, as a result of which the Governor of Cundinamarca not only thanked Microsoft for the support and the education favoring initiatives offered, but also emphasized the importance of bringing forward the projects that could favor ICT adoption by students, teachers and educational community.
Docentes Innovadores

The Pies Descalzos Foundation´s school in Barranquilla has the state of the art installations to assist children whose families are victims of violence. The population of this department totals 21,400 people, of which 45% is children. The Ministry of Education has declared it an educational emergency zone, due to a massive influx of displaced people who settle down in this sector. The school has the capacity to serve 1,590 children and youngsters, and through them, a community of 21,000 people will be benefited. It also has wireless connectivity that covers both the school and all the neighboring community.

Microsoft donated 232 laptops with Windows operating system. That donation aimed to provide our education applications for the new institution. Seeking to promote a real change in the education scheme of this institution, in a manner that best leverages learning  technology, Microsoft will be financing pedagogical assistance as of January 2010, which will include work with 147 primary school students, 10 classroom houses (community wood houses in the school area that turn into classrooms for children without schooling), education and coordination of teams totaling 30 tenth and eleventh grade students with the purpose of digital literacy of the department families and community.
Partners in Learning
2 million teachers trained
70 million students benefited
252,000 teachers registered in the Innovative Teachers’ Network
US$ 30 million invested

HMC Live Maps Regional Initiative
US$ 900.000 invested

Over 200 participating institutions
More than 8 million users

One Laptop per Child: XO/XP Pilot
5.950 notebooks donated
US$ 324,000 donated


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