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Microsoft seeks to facilitate creative technology solutions that can meet local needs and become opportunities for your community.  Therefore, it strives to foster, develop and share new ideas. A student or city leader could have an innovative idea. There are big ideas everywhere. At Microsoft, they are our greatest inspiration. They motivate us to provide the technology and support they need to become important innovations.

Please, visit the testimonies of the Imagine Cup young participants from all over the world, who talk about their vision of the event and different presentations, from professional perspective and as a human experience.

Fostering research is a commitment conducive to more innovation. Partnering with universities, governments, and other organizations around the world, Microsoft is working to push the state of the art forward in ways that benefit everyone. We're expanding the possibilities for computing by continually improving and advancing our current products, and embarking on fundamental research that paves the way for tomorrow's breakthroughs. R&D labs in Beijing, Cambridge, Bangalore, Redmond, and Silicon Valley bring together the sharpest minds to analyze industry issues, brainstorm solutions, and create the prototypes that will become tomorrow's standard equipment.

Imagine Cup
• 120,000 students registered in 20099

• US$ 6,000 invested
• 2 million students with access
• 794,000 free software products delivered to students

MS Student Partners
• 460 Microsoft student partners
• 17 participating countries

Students2Business (S2B)
• 76,200 students registered
• 8,603 employees
• US$ 130,000 invested

Microsoft Virtual Academy
• 100,259 participants in 19 countries

Microsoft Research
• US$ 6 million invested

• 2,569 start-ups approved in 19 countries

The POETA program aims to deliver technology and training centers to people with disabilities region-wide, thus facilitating their inclusion in the job market.

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