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This annual global technology competition was created by Microsoft and our education partners to show students the real-world opportunities available through technology. Kicking off in 2003, the competition drew 1,000 students from 25 countries. Two years on, it expanded to 92 countries bringing together more than 16,000 students from 92 countries. At its heart, the competition is an open invitation to young minds everywhere to explore how far their ideas and diligence can take them. Its winners have found the competition an effective springboard for real future success. Some have opened up their own consulting firms, become heads of their university departments, or set up businesses based on their inventions.

Please, visit the testimonies of the Imagine Cup’s young participants from all over the world, who talk about their vision of the event and different presentations, from both professional perspective and human experience.

In this exciting video you will learn about the achievements of Andre Furtado, the 2005 Imagine Cup winner.

This video produced by the Imagine Cup winner from Brazil, shows a testimony of a young man with an innovative idea.

Imagine Cup
• 120,000 students registered in 20099

• US$ 6,000 invested
• 2 million students with access
• 794,000 free software products delivered to students

MS Student Partners
• 460 Microsoft student partners
• 17 participating countries

Students2Business (S2B)
• 76,200 students registered
• 8,603 employees
• US$ 130,000 invested

Microsoft Virtual Academy
• 100,259 participants in 19 countries

Microsoft Research
• US$ 6 million invested

• 2,569 start-ups approved in 19 countries

The POETA program aims to deliver technology and training centers to people with disabilities region-wide, thus facilitating their inclusion in the job market.

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