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Partnerships for Technology Access is an innovative global initiative that helps deliver accessible and relevant technology solutions to underserved communities and small sized enterprises through public-private partnerships, thus enabling their IT access and collaborating with their ventures.

Acceso a la Tecnología

Unlimited Youth is a Microsoft and Chile Foundation developed and Sello  Bicentenario (Bicentennial Seal) winning program  that seeks to offer training in the use of technology tools to underserved and unemployed young people aged 18 to 35, aiming to foster job inclusion. The possibility of free training in such basic IT tools as Windows and Office and obtaining a recognition of a quality job competency have resulted in a strong educational support and motivation for thousands of Chilean young men.

• Community Technology Skills

· 1,805,573 people trained
· 37,948,303 SW donations
· US$ 16,482,132 cash donations


· 78 centers in 18 countries
· 31,460 people trained
· 132,175 benefited differently
· 4,734 people employed

• Youth Fund

· 19 projects in 16 countries
· 3,465 beneficiaries
· US$ 1,000,000

• Partnerships for Technology Access

· US$ 3 million invested


Innovative Teachers’ Network: this space was awarded the UNESCO prize for providing support to teachers who use ICT in their work.

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