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It offers donations to non-profit organizations to implement technology training programs ranging from basic computer skills to an advanced application of business productivity. The donations in cash, software, study programs and technical experience allow people to develop required skills to obtain jobs in IT and other industrial sectors.

Acceso a la Tecnología

This program was born in 2004 as Hilasal Group’s initiative of. It aims to train underserved youth in technology by offering MOS certifications and programs on Help Desk and English. Today it boasts five centers in the country benefiting over 850 people.

 Microsoft supported this program with a donation of over US$177,000 in software and by granting the required licenses to use its programs.


The Microsoft IT Generation program provides training and certifications in Microsoft technology to underserved students of Peru, aiming to offer employment opportunities within the companies of Microsoft customers and partners. The program was carried out by different participants, who contributed in various ways in accordance with area of expertise. The Microsoft IT Generation program was welcomed by the president of Peru.

• Community Technology Skills

· 1,805,573 people trained
· 37,948,303 SW donations
· US$ 16,482,132 cash donations


· 78 centers in 18 countries
· 31,460 people trained
· 132,175 benefited differently
· 4,734 people employed

• Youth Fund

· 19 projects in 16 countries
· 3,465 beneficiaries
· US$ 1,000,000

• Partnerships for Technology Access

· US$ 3 million invested


Innovative Teachers’ Network: this space was awarded the UNESCO prize for providing support to teachers who use ICT in their work.

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