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• Community Technology Skills

· 1,805,573 people trained
· 37,948,303 SW donations
· US$ 16,482,132 cash donations


· 78 centers in 18 countries
· 31,460 people trained
· 132,175 benefited differently
· 4,734 people employed

• Youth Fund

· 19 projects in 16 countries
· 3,465 beneficiaries
· US$ 1,000,000

• Partnerships for Technology Access

· US$ 3 million invested


Innovative Teachers’ Network: this space was awarded the UNESCO prize for providing support to teachers who use ICT in their work.

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This initiative seeks to work closely with youth organizations from different countries of Latin America to promote education and training in new technologies and through these means enable better jobs and opportunities among all those young men who currently lack access the employment world.

Acceso a la Tecnología

Ceyan Atkinson took part in a six- week business development workshop offered by Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU), a non-profit organization providing educational and mentorship programs to the youth of Kingston, Jamaica, that received a grant of US$ 40,000 in December 2008 from the Inter-American Development Bank and Microsoft’s Youth Fund. The courses, which were run two or three times a week, gave them key lessons on how to plan, start up and run a business with the use of technology.


The 25-year-old initially went to the YOU facility looking for a job, but instead he found a community center where one of the coordinators invited him to attend the workshops and learn. Upon finishing the courses, Atkinson opened a catering service, Health and Strength, which offers its services to both companies and individuals. He uses software programs such as Microsoft Office Excel to create balance sheets and keep track of his customers. He plans to soon set up a Web site.

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