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• Community Technology Skills

· 1,805,573 people trained
· 37,948,303 SW donations
· US$ 16,482,132 cash donations


· 78 centers in 18 countries
· 31,460 people trained
· 132,175 benefited differently
· 4,734 people employed

• Youth Fund

· 19 projects in 16 countries
· 3,465 beneficiaries
· US$ 1,000,000

• Partnerships for Technology Access

· US$ 3 million invested


Innovative Teachers’ Network: this space was awarded the UNESCO prize for providing support to teachers who use ICT in their work.

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Since 2004, Microsoft has been offering technology and labor training to people with disabilities and youth at risk through the Trust for the Americas, an organization affiliated with the Organization of American States. POETA delivers technology and training centers to people with disabilities region-wide, thus facilitating their inclusion in the job market in IT and telecommunications sectors.

 More than 50 million people in Latin America suffer from some type of disability. Of this population, 90% is unemployed or out of the job market and 82% lives in poverty.
There are already 78 community technology centers in 18 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, with the challenge of reaching 250,000 people.

Acceso a la Tecnología
In this explanatory video you will be able to learn more about the POET program and its benefits for people with disabilities. The case of Ivan, who lost his legs and arm in an accident, reflects what can be achieved through effort and will and how IT tools gave him a chance to get a job and work in the area of his interest.
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