Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Administrator's Pocket Consultant

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Administrator's Pocket Consultant
Published:September 27, 2000Language:English
Author:William R. StanekTechnology:Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Length:480 PagesISBN 13:9780735611290

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About The BookThe practical, portable guide to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000!

MICROSOFT® SQL SERVER™ 2000 ADMINISTRATOR’S POCKET CONSULTANT is the ideal concise, immediate reference you’ll want with you at all times as you deal with the details of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database administration. Whether you handle administration for 50 users or 5000, this hands-on, fast-answers guide focuses on what you need to do to get the job done quickly. With extensive easy-to-read tables, lists, and step-by-step instructions, it’s the portable, readable guide that will consistently save you time and minimize system downtime by giving you the right information right now. This hands-on guide gives you the fast answers you need to:
  • Grasp the fundamentals. Understand the SQL Server 2000 architecture; learn administration tools, techniques, and concepts; and discover how to modify configuration settings to optimize memory usage, take advantage of parallel processors, and more.
  • Complete core tasks. Perform basic tasks to create and manage databases, servers, and server groups; and create logons, configure logon permissions, assign roles, and conduct other essential security measures.
  • Administer databases. Manage tables, indexes, and views; query and manipulate data; import and export data; and integrate SQL Server data with other data sources.
  • Control distributed data. Administer linked servers and distributed transactions, configure data merging and replication, and supervise data publication and subscription.
  • Optimize and maintain databases. Profile and monitor SQL Server, conduct data backup and recovery, and take charge of automation and maintenance.
  • About William R. StanekWilliam R. Stanek has a master of science degree in information systems and 15 years of hands-on experience in advanced programming and development. He is a leading network technology expert and an award-winning author. Over the years, his practical advice has helped programmers, developers and network engineers throughout the world. He is a regular contributor to such publications as PC Magazine, where you'll often find his articles in the "Solutions" section. He has written, coauthored, or contributed to more than 20 computer books. Current or forthcoming titles include Administrator's Pocket Consultants for the Microsoft Windows NT® 4 operating system, Windows 2000, SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, as well as FrontPage® 2000 Unleashed 4th Edition, Windows NT Scripting Administrator's Guide and Peter Norton's Guide to Java Programming.
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