Microsoft® Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition

Microsoft® Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition
Published:April 24, 2002Language:English
Author:Mitch Tulloch and Ingrid TullochTechnology:Microsoft Office XP
Length:1376 PagesISBN 13:9780735613782

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About The BookGet the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date networking information available.

Get the single resource that defines—and illustrates—the rapidly evolving world of networking. The second edition of the award-winning MICROSOFT® ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NETWORKING has been fully updated—with thousands of entries detailing the latest technologies, standards, products, and services. You get clear, concise explanations, including hundreds of new articles and diagrams, that deftly take you from concept to real-world application. You also get the entire encyclopedia on CD-ROM, for definitive answers wherever you need them.
  • STAY CURRENT AND TRACK TRENDS—from Ethernet to wireless LANs, EDI to XML, 6bone to Web-enabled cell phones, keep pace with networking innovations
  • EXPLORE CONTENT IN DEPTH—delve into security, viruses, next-generation cellular communications, e-business, and other developments in as much detail as you need
  • BUILD YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF KEY PLATFORMS—everything from Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft .NET to open-source technologies and products from Cisco, IBM, Sun, and others
  • MASTER NETWORKING ESSENTIALS—get fast facts and implementation notes on networking topologies, media, protocols, and standards
  • DECIPHER INDUSTRY ACRONYMS—from legacy systems (POTS) to emerging standards (IPv6), and from ACK to ZAK, decode essential terms
  • GET AN EDGE IN CERTIFICATION PREPARATION—ideal reference for anyone pursuing or maintaining MCSE, MCSA, or other professional certificationPLUS, YOUR ENCYCLOPEDIA ON CD-ROM FEATURES:
  • Entire text in easy-search eBook format
  • Customizable, XML-based index
  • Links to Web sites for additional learning
  • About Mitch Tulloch and Ingrid TullochMitch Tulloch, MVP, is President of MTIT Enterprises, an IT content development company based in Winnipeg, Canada. Prior to starting his own company in 1998, Mitch worked as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for Productivity Point International. Mitch is a widely recognized expert on Windows administration, networking and security and has been repeatedly awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status by Microsoft for his outstanding contributions in supporting users who deploy Microsoft platforms, products and solutions. Mitch is the author of over a dozen books including the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking and the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Security, and he has written over a hundred articles on the topics of Windows administration, networking, and security. He is a regular columnist on and, contributes weekly editorials for IT World's Windows in the Enterprise newsletter, and writes for other popular sites including and Windows XP Expert Zone. Mitch has also written feature articles for industry magazines such as NetworkWorld, BizTech Magazine, and Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, and his articles have been widely syndicated on sites ranging ComputerWorld to CNN. Mitch is also a professor at Jones International University (JIU) where he teaches graduate-level courses in Information Security Management (ISM) that he developed together with his wife Ingrid for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at JIU. For more information about Mitch and his writing activities, see

    Ingrid Tulloch (B.A., Cert.Ed.) is Vice President and Head of Research for MTIT Enterprises. Ingrid is co-author of the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking and primary researcher for the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Security. Ingrid is also a content expert for Jones International University (JIU) where she co-developed the four-course Information Security Management (ISM) specialization for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program.For more information, see
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