Exam 70-544:

TS: Bing Maps Platform, Application Development

Published:April 20, 2010
Language(s):English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish
Technology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Type:Proctored Exam

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About this Exam
Candidates for Exam 70-544: TS: Bing Maps Platform, Application Development work on teams that create  solutions for medium or large environments using Bing Maps.  
Audience Profile
Candidates for Exam 70-544: TS: Bing Maps Platform, Application Development work on teams that create Bing Maps solutions for medium or large environments. Candidates have experience with using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to build Web solutions that search for and display geographic information for the Microsoft Bing Maps platform. Candidates should have at least one year of experience developing Web-based applications by using Visual Studio 2008 and be able to demonstrate the following.
  • Experience consuming XML Web services
  • Experience binding to Bing Maps data
  • Experience using the Bing Maps mapping tools
Credit Toward CertificationWhen you pass Exam 70-544: TS: Bing Maps Platform, Application Development, you complete the requirements for the following certification(s):
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Bing Maps Platform, Application Development
Note This preparation guide is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Microsoft. Microsoft exams might include adaptive testing technology and simulation items. Microsoft does not identify the format in which exams are presented. Please use this preparation guide to prepare for the exam, regardless of its format.
Skills Being MeasuredThis exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam.
Retrieving Location Solution Data (16 percent)
  • Retrieve location data from a local Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Retrieve data asynchronously.
  • Retrieve location information from a third-party data source.
  • Retrieve and generate tile layers.
  • Resolve locations and addresses by geo-coding.
  • Search for common Bing Maps–hosted points of interest (POI).
Analyzing Location Data (14 percent)
  • Determine the route between locations.
  • Perform a proximity analysis of locations by using geo-fencing.
  • Incorporate real-time traffic information into a location solution.
  • Show location information over time.
  • Manage large data sets by using clustering.
Displaying Location Solution Data (20 percent)
  • Add a customized push pin.
  • Add a default push pin.
  • Show a custom layer on the map.
  • Draw lines and polygons on the map.
  • Display data panels on top of the map surface.
Administering Your Location Platform (11 percent)
  • Set up the solution environment.
  • Plan the solution for deployment environments.
  • Monitor Bing Maps activity.
  • License Bing Maps products.
  • Debug JavaScript code.
Manipulating the Map (19 percent)
  • Control the map view.
  • Set the map mode.
  • Set map styles.
  • Handle map events.
  • Show or hide map elements.
Creating and Customizing the Map Display (20 percent)
  • Create a Bing Maps Platform map.
  • Share a link to an instance of the map.
  • Size the map control.
  • Control map position on the page.
  • Customize map look and feel.
  • Create and position a map inset.
Preparation Tools and ResourcesTo help you prepare for this exam, Microsoft Learning recommends that you have hands-on experience with the product and that you use the following training resources. These training resources do not necessarily cover all of the topics listed in the "Skills Measured" tab.
Classroom Training There is no classroom training currently available.
Microsoft E-Learning There is no Microsoft E-Learning training currently available.
Microsoft Press Books There are no Microsoft Press books currently available.
Practice Tests There are no practice tests currently available.
Microsoft Online Resources
  • Bing Maps training on the Microsoft Partner Learning Center : This partner-only site is designed to help partners prepare for the Bing Maps exam. The Bing Maps platform training includes comprehensive, modularized content and self-assessments. “Developing Web Mapping Solutions Using the Bing Maps Platform” :
  • Microsoft Learning Community : Join newsgroups and visit community forums to connect with your peers for suggestions on training resources and advice on your certification path and studies.
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