Exam 77-600:

MOS: Windows Vista for the Business Worker

Published:October 03, 2007
Language(s):English, Russian
Audience(s):Information Workers
Technology:Windows Vista
Type:Proctored Exam

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About this ExamSuccessful candidates for this exam have the equivalent of six months to one year of hands-on experience using Windows Vista. They know how to use Windows Vista to be more productive, more collaborative, and more efficient.
Audience Profile
Successful candidates for this exam have the equivalent of six months to one year of hands-on experience using Windows Vista. They know how to use Windows Vista to be more productive, more collaborative, and more efficient. They are especially effective at protecting, optimizing, and troubleshooting their own computers. They are also highly effective in managing mobile and remote computing; managing software, disks, and devices; managing files and folders; collaborating; and customizing their Windows Vista experience.
Credit Toward CertificationWhen you pass Exam 77-600: MOS: Windows Vista for the Business Worker, you complete the requirements for the following certification(s):
Microsoft Office Specialist: Windows Vista
Note This preparation guide is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Microsoft. Microsoft exams might include adaptive testing technology and simulation items. Microsoft does not identify the format in which exams are presented. Please use this preparation guide to prepare for the exam, regardless of its format.
Skills Being MeasuredThis exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam.
Protecting Your Computer
  • Manage Windows Firewall.
  • Manage malicious software (also called malware) protection.
  • Configure Windows Update settings.
  • Lock a computer.
  • Manage Windows Internet Explorer security.
  • Configure local user accounts.
Managing Mobile and Remote Computing
  • Manage the computer power state.
  • Manage network connections.
  • Manage remote access to your computer.
  • Connect to another computer.
  • Access files stored in shared network folders when your computer is offline.
Managing Software, Disks, and Devices
  • Manage software.
  • Manage disks.
  • Manage devices and drivers.
  • Manage display settings.
  • Configure multiple monitors.
  • Install and configure a printer.
Managing Files and Folders
  • Manage Windows Explorer settings.
  • Manage and secure folders.
  • Share folders.
  • Search for files and folders.
  • Organize files within folders.
  • Manage files.
  • Back up and restore files and folders.
Collaborating with Other People
  • Collaborate in real time.
  • Present information to an audience.
Customizing Your Windows Vista Experience
  • Customize and modify the Start menu.
  • Customize the taskbar.
  • Personalize the appearance and sound of a computer.
  • Manage the Windows Sidebar.
Optimizing and Troubleshooting Your Computer
  • Increase processing speed.
  • Locate troubleshooting information.
  • Locate system information.
  • Repair a network connection.
  • Recover from software errors.
  • Troubleshoot printing errors.
  • Recover the operating system from a problem.
  • Request and manage Remote Assistance.
Preparation Tools and ResourcesTo help you prepare for this exam, Microsoft Learning recommends that you have hands-on experience with the product and that you use the following training resources. These training resources do not necessarily cover all of the topics listed in the "Skills Measured" tab.
Classroom Training There is no classroom training currently available.
Microsoft E-Learning
Microsoft Press Books There are no Microsoft Press books currently available.
Practice Tests There are no practice tests currently available.
Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC)
  • Course 77-600: Microsoft Windows Vista (Wiley.com): By using a textbook, lab manual, and software, this comprehensive Microsoft Official Academic Course provides students with the conceptual understanding and real-world experience they need to be ready for the work force and to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) examinations for Windows Vista.
    Each Microsoft Official Academic Course is aligned to existing MCAS exam objectives and includes instruction materials that emphasize building skills to prepare students for workforce success by using an instruction strategy that provides:
    • Authentic business scenarios
    • Immediate introduction of hands-on practice in each lesson
    • Boxed call-outs that identify skills that apply to the workplace and to the MCAS exam
Microsoft Online Resources
  • Windows Vista – Learning Portal : Find special offers and information on training and certification.
  • Product information : Visit the Windows Vista Web site for detailed product information
  • Microsoft Learning Community : Join newsgroups and visit community forums to connect with your peers for suggestions on training resources and advice on your certification path and studies.
  • TechNet : Designed for IT professionals, this site includes how-to instructions, best practices, downloads, technical resources, newsgroups, and chats.
  • MSDN : Designed for developers, the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) features code samples, technical articles, downloads, newsgroups, and chats.
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