Exam MB7-840:

NAV 2009 C/SIDE Introduction

Published:June 03, 2010
Audience(s):IT Professionals,Developers
Technology:Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
Type:Proctored Exam

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About this Exam
This certification exam measures your ability to:
  • Understand the basic development and data manipulation process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 by means of C/AL programming language
  • Articulate the available application objects and integration options
  • Use these skills to effectively navigate within the development environment and to implement smooth software upgrades and custom solutions for satisfying the needs of a business.
Exam Topics Covered
The following list includes the topic areas covered on this exam.
  • Client/Server Integrated Development Environment (C/SIDE)
  • Tables, Forms, and Pages
  • Introduction to C/AL Programming
  • Assignment Statements and Expressions
  • C/AL Statements and C/AL Functions
  • Reports
  • Dataports and XMLports
  • Codeunits
  • MenuSuites
  • Integration Options
Audience Profile
Individuals wishing to obtain a certification on C/SIDE Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 should take this exam.
Credit Toward CertificationWhen you pass Exam MB7-840: NAV 2009 C/SIDE Introduction, you complete the requirements for the following certification(s):Exam MB7-840: NAV 2009 C/SIDE Introduction: counts as credit toward the following certification(s):
Note This preparation guide is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Microsoft. Microsoft exams might include adaptive testing technology and simulation items. Microsoft does not identify the format in which exams are presented. Please use this preparation guide to prepare for the exam, regardless of its format.
Skills Being MeasuredThis exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam.
Client/Server Integrated Development Environment (C/SIDE) – 6%
  • Basic objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
  • C/SIDE fundamentals
  • Physical and logical database
Tables, Forms, and Pages - 26%
  • Table fundamentals
  • Primary and secondary keys
  • Table types and characteristics
  • Form fundamentals
  • Form types and characteristics
  • Standard navigation
  • Page fundamentals
  • Page Designer
  • Page types and characteristics
Introduction to C/AL Programming – 5%
  • C/AL programming
  • C/AL Editor
  • Intrinsic data types
  • Syntax of identifiers
  • Variable scope and variable initialization
Assignment Statements and Expressions - 6%
  • Assignment statements
  • Syntax of statements
  • Automatic type conversion
  • Expressions, terms, and operators
  • Syntax of expressions
  • Function calls in expressions
  • Relational and logical expressions
C/AL Statements and C/AL Functions – 20%
  • Conditional statements and Boolean expressions
  • Compound statements
  • Syntax of comments
  • Arrays
  • Repetitive statements
  • Functions and parameters
  • Essential C/AL functions
  • User communication, string, system, date, number, and array functions
  • Creating custom functions
Reports - 11%
  • Report fundamentals
  • Report design process
  • Grouping and totaling in a report
  • Advanced report features in the RoleTailored client
Dataports and XMLports – 7%
  • Dataport fundamentals
  • Designing dataports
  • XMLport fundamentals
  • Designing XMLports
Codeunits - 6%
  • Codeunit fundamentals
  • Designing and using codeunits
MenuSuites – 6%
  • MenuSuite fundamentals
  • Creating and designing MenuSuites
  • Upgrading MenuSuites
Integration Options – 7%
  • Web Services
  • ODBC
  • OCX
  • Automation Server
Preparation Tools and ResourcesTo help you prepare for this exam, Microsoft Learning recommends that you have hands-on experience with the product and that you use the following training resources. These training resources do not necessarily cover all of the topics listed in the "Skills Measured" tab.
Classroom Training
Microsoft E-Learning
  • 80042AE: C/SIDE Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 (15 Hours)
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Practice Tests There are no practice tests currently available.
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