Exam MB7-849:

NAV 2009 Manufacturing

Published:July 02, 2009
Language(s):English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Danish
Audience(s):Information Workers,IT Professionals,Developers
Technology:Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
Type:Proctored Exam

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About this Exam
This certification exam measures your ability to understand and articulate how to set up and use the Microsoft Dynamics 2009 Manufacturing modules effectively.
Exam Topics Covered
The following list includes the topic areas covered on this exam.
  • Setup
  • Production Bill of Materials
  • Capacities, Routings, and Shop Loading
  • Production Orders
  • Production Order Processing, Finishing Orders, and Auto Reporting
  • Sales Order Planning, Forecasting, and MPS
  • Planning and Additional Planning Topics
  • Subcontracting
  • Additional Manufacturing Topics
Audience Profile
Individuals wishing to obtain a certification on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Manufacturing should take this exam.
Credit Toward CertificationWhen you pass Exam MB7-849: NAV 2009 Manufacturing, you complete the requirements for the following certification(s):Exam MB7-849: NAV 2009 Manufacturing: counts as credit toward the following certification(s):
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Skills Being MeasuredThis exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam.
Setup (6%)
  • Manufacturing Setup
  • Inventory Setup, as relating to manufacturing
  • Item/Stockkeeping Unit Cards, as relating to manufacturing
Production Bill of Materials (12%)
  • Create, modify, and copy a Production BOM
  • Production BOM versions
  • Production BOM advanced features
Capacities, Routings, and Shop Loading (14%)
  • Capacity setup
  • Set up and use routings
  • Capacity and Routing reports
  • Capacity resources descriptions and setup
  • Set up work center and machine center calendars
  • Shop Loading, including load capacities and finite loading
Production Orders (12%)
  • Review the structure and purpose of a production order and define the five statuses of a production order
  • Manually create a production order, and view the routing and components of a production order
  • View actual against expected costs, and capacity of a production order
  • Modify production order information
  • Examine the reports printed directly from a production order
  • Review the standard reports available for production order reporting
  • Review and use the Replan Production Order batch job
  • Calculate a manufacturing batch unit of measure
  • Identify the two methods of changing the status of a production order
Production Order Processing, Finishing Orders, and Auto Reporting (18%)
  • Review production order execution
  • Material consumption
  • Picking and putting away from the warehouse
  • Record production order output using the Output Journal
  • Review the Production Journal window and register consumption and output from the Production Journal
  • Finish production orders
  • Automatic consumption posting, production posting, and advantages/disadvantages of automatic consumption posting
Sales Order Planning, Forecasting, and MPS (10%)
  • Generate a production order from the Order Planning window from a sales order
  • Production forecasting
  • Netting actual demand against forecast
  • Planning approach with forecasts (using MPS and MRP in the Planning Worksheet)
  • Forecasting sales items and components, using the production forecast
Planning and Additional Planning Topics (18%)
  • Planning overview
  • Use Regenerative Planning
  • Order tracking and action messages
  • Use item variants, locations, and SKUs in planning
  • Use inventory transfers and blanket sales orders in planning
  • Create multi-level production orders
  • Filter the information to appear in the Planning Worksheet and refresh the worksheet lines
Subcontracting (8%)
  • Set up a subcontractor
  • Set up subcontractor cost by subcontractor or by process
  • Process a production order with a subcontractor
  • Review/verify the link between purchase order and production order
Additional Manufacturing Topics (2%)
  • Methods of reducing lead time
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