Client Access License (CAL) Decision Tool

Use this tool to help evaluate the best way to license CALs for your organization.

1. Approximately how many users (i.e., employees or onsite contractors) access your server(s)?

2. What type of CAL are you licensing today?

User CAL

Each User CAL permits one user, using any device, to access licensed servers.

Device CAL

Each Device CAL permits one device (e.g., PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) used by any user, to access licensed servers.

Mix of User & Device CALs

Don't Know

I'm not sure what type of CAL I'm licensing today or I don't have any existing CALs.
* See the Product Use Rights (PUR) for more information on assigning CALs.

Dedicated Devices

3. What percentage of your users have devices they don't share with anyone else that they'll be using to access the server(s)?

4. Of these users, what percentage access servers from the following?

5. How effectively can you count these devices?

Very effectively       Not very effectively

6. Do you expect the number of these devices per user to grow over the next 2-3 years?

Yes       No

Shared Devices

7. What percentage of your users use shared devices to access the server(s)? (examples typically include retail, health care, or manufacturing where there are common area PC kiosks or for shared devices used by shift workers.)

8. Approximately how many shared
devices does your organization have?

Our Recommendation: Based on your inputs, we think may be the best way to license CALs for the users in your organization.
The reason for this is that:

Additional Considerations

Next Steps

There may be additional factors that contribute to how you license Microsoft Client Access Licenses (CALs). Please note that this is only a preliminary recommendation and is the first step in understanding how to license CALs for your organization. Contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Microsoft Partner to further investigate and confirm the best way to license CALs.
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