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Licensing Brief - What Are "Qualified Devices"?

Applies to all Volume Licensing Programs


This licensing brief can help you determine whether certain devices fit the definition of a "Qualified Device" under applicable Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements and enrollments, such as the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA). The Qualified Device definition was revised in October 2012 and clarifies what a Qualified Device is and what "managing" a device means. The revised language only applies to customers who sign agreements or enrollments after October 1, 2012. However, the new language does not change licensing policies or terms, and customers with earlier agreements or enrollments can still refer to them to help guide them and easily determine what devices are included as qualified devices.

What’s New in this Brief?

This brief, published April 2014, replaces a previous version published November 2013. Changes include the following:

  • A clarifying question regarding Industry Devices was added to the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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What Are Qualified Devices? (PDF, 423 KB)

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