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We heard you. Your licensing, upgraded.

I want one single agreement for software and services.

“I want one simple agreement for software and services.”

The new Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a single agreement for your Online Services, software, and Software Assurance purchases across your organization. It can save time and money by combining purchase points for the best price level and reducing the administrative overhead associated with managing multiple agreements.

The MPSA offers more flexible licensing options.

“I need more options.”

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement gives you more options—for example, the ability to create Purchasing Accounts. Purchasing Accounts let you define how you want to purchase (by affiliate, division, department, or any other group you define in your organization). You can then choose and provision the solution that your organization needs. You are in control.

The MVLC offers an easier, more flexible way to manage MPSA purchases

“There should be an easier way to manage my Microsoft assets.”

The new Microsoft Volume Licensing Center has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly view and generate reports on everything purchased under the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement. You can manage your portfolio of Microsoft products and services across your entire organization. The Microsoft Volume Licensing Center also lets you self-provision online services, download software more quickly, access your volume license keys more easily, and efficiently manage and use your Software Assurance benefits.

Is the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement right for your company?

Is the MPSA right for your company?

The MPSA is currently available in several countries/regions*, with others being added regularly. This agreement is recommended for commercial companies purchasing 250 or more licenses for cloud services or software, and that do not want an Enterprise Agreement.

Pre-sales questions in the US: 1-800-426-9400

Global Customer Service phone numbers

*Currently the MPSA is available in Australia, Canada, European Union (EU) countries, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, Japan, and the United States. The MPSA is scheduled for release in Africa, most of Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East in early 2015.