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Online Services

World-class products delivered as a subscription service hosted by Microsoft. Microsoft Online Services can transform the way your organization does business.

How to Buy

The world's most widely used business solution software is now available in the cloud. Microsoft Online Services is enterprise-class software delivered as subscription services. Together with more than 7,000 Microsoft partners, we are committed to delivering a broad set of products and business solutions that build on what you already know.

As your IT strategy evolves to include the many benefits of cloud computing, Microsoft can help you extend the capabilities and functionality of your existing technology investments with Online Services.The following table highlights the top three benefits of licensing Online Services:




  • Optimize your financial resources by transitioning users online and reducing IT management costs

  • Choose what software and services to run on-premises or hosted by a third-party, based on what’s most cost-effective for your organization

  • Migrate from a different platform without high upfront hardware costs

  • Run online services seamlessly with existing enterprise-class software License what you need when you need it based on user type

  • Free up IT staff for business-critical projects

  • Access a wide choice of workloads to meet your IT and business objectives

  • Provision your employees on the latest technology with fewer deployment challenges

  • Add new users, or purchase and deploy additional services for existing users at any time, and reconcile the number of licenses at the end of each year

  • Streamline compliance and asset management across all your Microsoft software and services

Purchasing Options

How to Buy

To find the right program for your organization, you’ll first need to determine the type and size of your organization, the software that you want to license, and how you will use it.

Software Assurance

Maximize the value of your Volume Licensing agreement with Software Assurance.

Activate and Use

Visit the Volume Licensing Service Center to manage your subscription.

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Q: Can I add Online Services to my Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Open License agreement, or Open Value agreement?

A: Yes, the Enterprise Agreement and Open programs now provide a convenient way to license both on-premises software and online services all in the same agreement. With the single agreement, customers can enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose software and services for different user types, optimize technology spend by purchasing subscriptions that map to IT and user needs, and streamline software compliance and asset management across all Microsoft software and services.

Visit the Enterprise Agreement page or the Open Programs page for details.

Q: How do I reallocate licenses when my users change?

A: Licenses can be reallocated through the specific online administration portals for Office 365, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Azure.

Q: What is the service level agreement around rolling out new versions? Can the customer choose what version of an online service is used?

A: Service level agreements vary by service. You cannot choose which version of an online service you want to use. The online service provided will always be the most up-to-date version.

Q: What happens if my domain name changes?

A: Please contact Microsoft Online Services Customer Support:

Q: Who do I contact if the person who ordered our services and who had access to the Microsoft Online Customer Portal (MOCP) is no longer valid?

A: Please contact Microsoft Online Services Customer Support:

Q: Is there a minimum purchase requirement? What is the minimum number of seats for an add-on order?

A: There are no minimum seat requirements to purchase for an initial order or for any add-on orders.

Q: How do I purchase additional storage?

A: You will get a 25 GB mailbox with an Exchange Online license, and 500 MB of space with an Office SharePoint license. You can "attach" additional storage to a user by purchasing Storage Add-On Licenses. Additional storage can be purchased on the service portal or through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription? What steps are involved?

A: In order to cancel a subscription, you must contact Microsoft customer care.

You have 30 days to cancel your subscription after placing your order during the initial subscription term, but you will not be refunded for the first month of your subscription. If you choose to terminate your subscription after the 30-day cancellation window during the initial subscription term, you are not entitled to a credit or refund for that subscription term.

Cancellation Policy for Subsequent Subscription Terms

After the renewal of the first subscription term, you can cancel at any time with a minimum of one-month advance notice. After giving notice you will be charged for a final one-month subscription fee.

Q: Do I need to purchase licenses for every SharePoint Online user?

A: Yes. You must purchase a license for every user, as well as for every external user who is using SharePoint Online.

Q: Can I "buy out" the subscription license similar to how buyouts are done today with on-premises licenses if I want to own perpetual license rights?

A: Customers who own a user subscription license will not be able to buy out their license and transform it into a perpetual license.

Q: Do I have to purchase the license separately from the service?

A: No, licenses are sold as part of the online purchase process to gain access to the online services you wish to subscribe to. The license is a USL (user subscription license) that provides you the right to use the online service for as long as you subscribe.

Q: Do I need to purchase Software Assurance for my Service Licenses?

A: No. Unlike on-premises licenses in which you buy Software Assurance to cover maintenance and upgrades, the online service USLs include rights to the most up-to-date software as long as you continue to pay the subscription fees.

Q: Can I purchase a combination of licenses?

A: Absolutely. Customers can purchase any combination of licenses that they feel will reflect the usage of services within their company.

Q: Can I add users to my existing subscription at any time?

A: You can add licenses to a subscription through the admin portal for each of the online services at any time using the "Manage Subscriptions" tab.

Q: When I place an order that takes me to a better discount level, is that discount level honored for all seats billed the next month?

A: Yes, when quantity for the subscription moves into the next tier, the pricing tier is applicable for the entire quantity.

Q: If I already have an existing Volume Licensing Agreement with Microsoft what happens when I make a purchase through the Microsoft Online Subscription Program (MOSP) on the Microsoft Online Customer Portal (MOCP)?

A: Your existing Volume Licensing Agreement remains intact. You are considered a new customer to the Microsoft Online Subscription Program and all purchases that you make through the program are licensed through the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement you are required to sign online.

Q: Whom should I contact for help?

A: Please contact Microsoft Online Services Customer Support: