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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Services

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Yes, the Enterprise Agreement now provides a convenient way to license both on-premise software and online services all in the same agreement. With the single agreement, customers can enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose software and services for different user types, optimize technology spend by purchasing subscriptions that map to IT and user needs, and streamline software compliance and asset management across all Microsoft software and services.

Visit the Enterprise Agreement section for details.

Licenses may be reallocated through the Microsoft Online Administration Portal (link available on the Microsoft Online Customer Portal).

Service level agreements vary by service. You cannot choose which version of an online service you want to use. The online service provided will always be the most up-to-date version.

For Office 365, there is a 1-seat minimum purchase requirement for an initial order and one seat for any add-on orders.

You will get a 25GB mailbox with an Exchange Online license, and 500MB of space with an Office SharePoint license. You can "attach" additional storage to a user by purchasing Storage Add-On Licenses. Additional storage can be purchased on the Microsoft Online Customer Portal or through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

In order to cancel a subscription, you must contact Microsoft customer care.

You have 30 days to cancel your subscription after placing your order during the initial subscription term, but you will not be refunded for the first month of your subscription. If you choose to terminate your subscription after the 30-day cancellation window during the initial subscription term, you are not entitled to a credit or refund for that subscription term.

Cancellation Policy for Subsequent Subscription Terms
After the renewal of the first subscription term, you can cancel at any time with a minimum of one-month advance notice. After giving notice you will be charged for a final one-month subscription fee.

Yes. You must purchase a license for every user, as well as for every external user who is using SharePoint Online.

You do not need to purchase licenses for external users who attend a Live Meeting. If an external user needs to schedule a Live Meeting, conduct a Live Meeting, or utilize the Easy Assist feature in Live Meeting, they will need a license.

Customers who own a user subscription license will not be able to buy out their license and transform it into a perpetual license.

No, licenses are sold as part of the online purchase process to gain access to the online services you wish to subscribe to. The license is a USL (user subscription license) that provides you the right to use the online service for as long as you subscribe.

No. Unlike on-premises licenses in which you buy Software Assurance to cover maintenance and upgrades, the online service USLs include rights to the most up-to-date software as long as you continue to pay the subscription fees.

Absolutely. Customers can purchase any combination of licenses that they feel will reflect the usage of services within their company.

You can add licenses to a subscription through the Microsoft Online Customer Portal at any time using the "Manage Subscriptions" tab.

Yes, when quantity for the subscription moves into the next tier, the pricing tier is applicable for the entire quantity.

Your existing Volume Licensing Agreement remains intact. You are considered a new customer to the Microsoft Online Subscription Program and all purchases that you make through the program are licensed through the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement you are required to sign online.

Please contact Support. You can choose to submit a service request at this site or call a Customer Support Representative.

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  • We pay $125 a month for our Microsoft Online Services versus $1,500 a month for a consultant to manage our on-site servers.

    Jim Nolan,
    James C. Nolan Law Office

  • Using Microsoft Online Services, we saved US$50,000 in up-front costs to build a business platform.

    John Thomas,
    Director of Information Technology

  • With Microsoft Online Services, we could save 3 million SEK [US$334,000] annually in server depreciation costs.

    Pia Hofstedt,
    Director of IT

  • By moving to Microsoft Online Services, we were able to instantly acquire a single, standardized communications and collaboration foundation.

    Andrea Corneo,
    Chief Information Officer

  • We wanted to give our corporate operational staff more time to devise winning jewelry strategies and marketing campaigns and free our store people to sell.

    Jim Rouse,
    Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
    REEDS Jewelers

  • Microsoft Online Services enabled employees to collaborate better, communicate more efficiently, and be significantly more productive.

    Keith Morrow,

  • Microsoft helped us launch from a legacy infrastructure to a solution that provided better business value to all our people.

    Kevin Flowers,
    Director of Enabling Technologies
    Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • Microsoft Online Services gives us an easy way to grow rapidly without managing an expensive, cumbersome IT infrastructure.

    Derk Rietveld,
    Chief Executive Officer and Orthopedic Surgeon

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