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Software Assurance Home Use Program

With the Home Use Program (HUP), your employees can get the latest version of Microsoft Office to use on their home computers through a low-cost download. By using the same software at home and at work, employees naturally gain skills faster, resulting in improved productivity and lower training costs.

Managing SA benefits through the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) may require fewer steps than shown in this description. Learn more about managing SA benefits through the MPSA.

Activate HUP

Offering the Home Use Program to your employees is seamless:

Get the word out

To help communicate the value of this benefit to your employees, you can use the downloadable HUP flyers, web banner ads, and email templates.

Order for the entire organization

To help deploy the Home Use Program across your entire organization, digital bulk order is available on the MyDBO site. Learn more about the MyDBO Bulk Order process (PDF, 1.43 MB).

Get your employee program code

Employees who want to purchase HUP licenses on the Home Use Program website must have a valid work email address and program code. After their information is accepted, they will receive confirmation and a follow-up email message providing instructions.

See who’s using HUP

With HUP Usage Reporting, you can:

  • Generate a report that shows your organization’s total volume downloaded.

  • See which employees have taken advantage of the benefit.

  • Use data to encourage employee use and help them gain more Microsoft Office skills.

Download the VLSC HUP Usage Report Guide (PDF, 4.07 MB) to learn more.

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