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SPLA Essentials Has Merged with SPLA

Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) Essentials website. To address the changing needs of our valued Hosting Partners, the SPLA Essentials program has merged with the SPLA program. By merging and standardizing the SPLA program into one agreement and one set of program rights, we have a solid offering for any partner that wants to provide Microsoft products in their hosting environment.

SPLA is now the single program option available, and we no longer accept new SPLA Essentials agreements. If you are a current SPLA Essentials partner, you have two options to continue offering hosted services using Microsoft products:

  1. Sign a new SPLA Agreement with an SPLA Reseller. By making the transition to SPLA, you get all of the additional benefits of the SPLA program with the support of an SPLA reseller to help with your transition. You will sign a new, three-year SPLA that includes all of the benefits offered through SPLA Essentials, plus additional rights and benefits available only to SPLA partners—such as the ability to add affiliates, the ability to offer services to academic customers, and customer facility installations. You will also have access to additional services that Microsoft Reseller partners provide, such as submitting your monthly usage reports and payments to Microsoft on your behalf. If you select this option, you will discontinue reporting through SPLA Essentials.

    Contact a reseller to get started or learn more about SPLA.

  2. Continue reporting through SPLA Essentials until your agreement expires. You may continue to place orders and manage your account with your existing SPLA Essentials agreement until the end of the agreement’s term through the Microsoft Order Entry Tool (MOET). You will need to set up a new MOET account to submit reports if you do not have an existing account. MOET training is available.

    When your current SPLA Essentials Agreement expires, you will discontinue reporting through MOET and will need to sign a new SPLA with a SPLA Reseller so that you can continue to provide software services that interact with Microsoft products to your customers.

For more information, view frequently asked questions about the SPLA program change.

Thank you for being a valued Microsoft partner. We want you to continue to realize the benefits of being an SPLA partner.