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Microsoft Licenses 101
Full Packaged Product (FPP). FPP refers to the packaged boxes of licensed product that can be purchased from a local software retail store.
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). OEM software is pre-installed when you purchase a new PC. This is the easiest and most economical way for customers to acquire Microsoft software.
Volume Licensing. Microsoft’s Volume License programs provide volume pricing for customers acquiring five or more software licenses. Customers for this type of licensing are usually companies who have volume requirements but do not need several copies of media and documentation, and need easy software asset management.
Usage Perpetual Non-perpetual
(Follows the life of the PC)
Flexibility Perpetual Non-transferable Ability to transfer licenses
(one PC to another, one company to another)
Type of License Full version Full version Upgrade as well as full license
Ease Requires product activation Requires product activation Does not require product activation
Manageability Individual tracking Individual tracking Track licenses online
Support MS Support Hotline Partner/System Builder who sold the PC MS Support Hotline
Deployment Product ID Key or Web or Telephone activation Product ID Key or Web or Telephone activation Use of Volume License Product Keys