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Your Enterprise Agreement (EA) includes access to software, tools, and technologies to help you plan and maintain an efficient, cost-effective IT infrastructure. This allows your company to share reports and insights across your business while continuing to innovate and grow on a strong technological foundation.

When you sign an EA, you get the right software for your needs, leading to reduced computing costs and improved organizational and employee productivity. Your EA also gives you access to tools like Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). MDOP helps your organization leverage a desktop virtualization strategy that can reduce hardware costs and lead to greater efficiency with your IT environment.

Volume Licensing
If you're just getting started with your Enterprise Agreement, you can find out more about the benefits and terms of Volume Licensing here.

Software Activation
Once you've purchased software through a Volume Licensing agreement, you can activate and deploy it across your organization. Click here to learn more about software activation.

Software Assurance Benefits
Your Enterprise agreement comes with Software Assurance Benefits, which are designed to help you deploy and manage your software. To activate your benefits, you'll need to visit the Volume Licensing Service Center. To find out more about activating or using your benefits, visit the Software Assurance Benefits page.

Planning for deployment
When you're ready to implement new software across your organization, your Software Assurance Benefits give you access to a variety of resources to help plan and execute your deployment, including technical training and partner services. To find out more about deployment planning, visit the Deploy page.

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