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Today many jobs require you to know more than just the basics about computer skills. Microsoft Unleashing Technology can help provide the training and tools you need to begin using computers with confidence – from competently working with Microsoft Office to developing a resume with Microsoft Word skills, you will find tools and resources to keep you up-to-date with the latest technology.

The resources below will help you get started or update the skills you need to get ahead

  • Are your Digital Literary Skills up to date? Our online courses to help develop a fundamental understanding of computers and the essential skills needed to begin computing with confidence.
  • Become Microsoft Certified and reap the rewards. The Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate Assessment can assist you in making your IT skills more valuable. Create a learning plan and master course content that will lead to acquiring a Digital Literacy Certificate.
  • At Microsoft Malaysia Learning you will find resources you can use to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the IT industry. Build your skills on Microsoft products and technologies, purchase reference books, and view course and workshop schedules to get ahead.


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