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The Microsoft Master Licensing Agreement is a customised licensing programme for Malaysian government entities to acquire Microsoft solutions. Endorsed by the MalaysianGovernment under the Pekeliling Kontrak Perbendaharaan, Bil 3 2008 (PKP 3/2008), the MLA was initiated to help the Government improve license management, streamline administration and budget for software procurement. A key component of the programme entails Microsoft commitment to re-invest into a Development Training Fund (DTF) for any investment made by the government through the MLA. As part of the DTF, the Role Based Training for Civil Servants (RBTCS) programme aims to enhance the ICT skills and competencies of civil servants, accelerate government processes to enhance delivery systems and to digitise, simplify and improve Government-Public interactions.

In addition to enhancing IT usage and skills among civil servants through Role Based Training for Civil Servants (RBTCS), the re-investments also aims to contribute to the development of the local IT business, especially for Bumiputra technopreneurs and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

To apply online for the MLA-Role Based Training for Civil Servants (RBTCS) program please visit INTAN’s portal at

For RBTCS 2012 Training Schedules please click here

Upgrade rights to the latest technology with no additional cost

Spread payments during a three-year term helps streamline your budgeting process, giving you the flexibility you need to improve your bottom line. This interest free payment method ensures you save more.

You can also license additional software product licensing as needed at the pre-determined price covered under your agreement terms. This protects you from any price increases.

Software Assurance benefits that offers a broad range of tools, services, and training with no additional charges to help you get the most out of your software investments.
Eliminate the need to count individual licenses, you will only require to count the number of desktop PCs, making it easier to manage and track licenses.

Streamline the procurement process, you will only require to place one order annually.

Make administration and budgeting processes easier by centrally tracking purchases and managing licenses with online management tools.

Centralize your purchasing so that you can share software products and extended benefits with qualified

Loss of efficiency and productivity can happen when various users within the same entities run different versions of the same software. Standardizing on a single version eliminates this lost.

Flexible use, including Second Language, Secondary Use, Worldwide Use, Re-imaging, and Downgrade rights

Enables IT standardization across the enterprise, helping businesses to successfully use the latest technology, while helping reduce the costs of computing

Helps businesses to easily build and maintain their IT infrastructure, so they can respond to a rapidly changing business environment

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