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Enterprise Products

The Master Licensing Agreement offers organizations access to the most recent releases of the Desktop Professional Platform products. The Enterprise Agreement Desktop Platform products are as follows:

  • Windows Upgrade
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Core Client Access License Suite or Enterprise Client Access License Suite
Why consider enrolling in the full desktop platforms?

Organizations benefit from building both simplicity and flexibility into their information technology infrastructure. For many organizations, the first step toward achieving this is to adopt the Microsoft platform as the core of its software infrastructure.

The Professional and Enterprise Platforms offer products that are integrated and optimized. Microsoft software products are optimized to work seamlessly together. For example, a common programming model is used to improve information sharing between applications.

The full platform takes advantage of a consistent interface for users, developers, and administrators that helps improve productivity and reduce costs. Common commands, menus, windows, and interchangeable models should improve training and development. In addition, strong vendor and developer support offered by both Microsoft and our partners for software applications will help increase flexibility.

New customers who enroll in the Professional or Enterprise Platform (Windows operating system upgrade, Office Professional Plus and Core CAL Suite or Enterprise CAL Suite) receive an approximately 15 percent platform discount on top of their already discounted enterprise software product for eligible organizations.

Additional Products

A broad selection of software titles is available as additional products. They provide the same License & Software Assurance coverage as enterprise products, but do not require an enterprise-wide commitment. For products licensed at signing, payments can be spread throughout three years in the same way that enterprise product payments are annualized. Spreading the cost of software licenses throughout three years can help organizations to refocus critical IT budget and provide a predictable framework for budgeting. Also, additional products at signing will have corresponding pricing for the use of the True Up ordering process, consolidating ordering annually.

Examples of software products available as additional products include Office Visio, Microsoft Project, and Windows servers and Exchange servers. A complete list of additional products is available on the Microsoft Product List at

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