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Customer and Partner Experience

How Microsoft Listens and Responds to Customers

Actively listening and responding to feedback from our customers and partners at every opportunity is fundamental to Microsoft’s mission of delivering software and services that enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. Our success hinges on improving overall satisfaction with all of our products, programs and services.

Our unified Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) strategy includes a range of listening systems and tools for responding to the needs and ideas of our customers and partners. They include in-depth surveys, online forums, conversations on social networking Web sites, "Contact Us" links on product Web Pages, automated feedback tools built into our software products, and programs that foster collaborative relationships. We are deeply committed to ensuring that these systems protect the privacy of our customers.

In addition to helping us communicate more effectively with customers and partners, our listening systems provide important feedback that helps us guide our business groups in creating more valuable products and services. The rich interactions that occur through these systems enable us to better understand and respond to the needs of our customers and partners, improve product quality, build stronger relationships, and drive ongoing innovation throughout our business.


Bottom line, our goal is to give our customers and partners the best end-to-end experience possible and to become a satisfaction lead in the technology industry – that's what our CPE strategy is about.

So the better Microsoft is at building a culture and accountability, listening and responding to customers, improving product quality and security through continuous innovation – all of which makes it easier for people to trust and to do business with us, the more we will satisfy or customers and partners and the closer we come to your ultimate goal.

"Great customer and partner experiences drive loyalty to Microsoft products. The better we make those experiences, the more likely customers are to purchase and recommend our products." --Rich Kaplan, corporate vice president, Customer and Partner Advocacy, Microsoft

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