Extend your resources and serve a broader audience

From mapping solutions on the Web that improve the way people find and navigate your campus, to rich map-based dashboards that let decision makers visualize critical information and create engaging learning experiences -- Bing Maps provides the mapping platform to help developers and educational organizations realize their vision.


What Education Can Do with Bing Maps

Share Information on the Web

  • Help students, faculty, staff and visitors find and navigate your campus.
  • Decrease calls and free up resources by making critical location information discoverable on your Web site.
  • Engage prospective students and their parents by letting them tour dorms, classrooms and common areas with 360 degree photo tours from Photosynth.

Visualize Important Data

  • Quickly visualize data on a map, such as recruiting and enrollment trends, and security concerns, by using Bing Maps in your business intelligence solutions.
  • Create disaster management solutions that allow school decision makers, local governments, and other key stakeholders to track health incidents, weather events, earthquakes, and more.
  • Track buses, books, and other mobile assets by implementing data visualization solutions that integrate with RFID tracking or GPS technology.

Provide Learning Experiences

  • Empower computer science students with the APIs, tools and resources they need to develop leading edge mapping solutions.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the Bing Maps web-based platform by automatically keeping up with the latest innovations like new imagery, tools, APIs, and performance improvements.
  • Delight primary and secondary students by teaching them to explore the world—right from the classroom. Visit Bing Maps to explore today.