Government Agencies Save Money and Boost Efficiency with Bing Maps

The Bing Maps Platform from Microsoft enables governments at all levels to easily and cost-effectively deliver geospatial content to the citizens and businesses they serve. Not only does this optimize government investments in GIS and imagery services, it allows agencies to save money using Bing Maps by making strong connections with citizens and exposing relevant content on the web.

London Borough of Lewisham - LoveCleanStreets

The London Borough of Lewisham has deployed a free online portal, called LoveCleanStreets, for citizens to notify authorities of graffiti, vandalism, and other environmental offenses. Since implementation, graffiti complaints are down by one third and clean-up times have been drastically reduced. Built with Bing Maps for Enterprise technology, this award-winning site was pioneered by London Borough of Lewisham with potential for broader implementation.

Stoke-on-Trent PCT

Improving healthcare to nearly 300 000 citizens in the UK, the Stoke-on-Trent Primary Care Trust (PCT) uses innovative mapping technology in a solution that now helps them target scarce healthcare resources to those in the greatest need while also simplifying patient access to physicians, pharmacies, and other valuable services.

Microsoft 311

The Microsoft 311 citizen services solution accelerator empowers citizens and service agents with a modern citizen service center to field and manage requests and to help you enhance efficiency, performance, and accountability. Using Bing Maps, both service agents and citizens can easily visualize emergencies, offices, or road closures and make decisions based upon this information.

Estradas de Portugal SA

Estradas de Portugal SA (EP) works to fund, maintain, and extend the road system throughout Portugal. In September 2009, EP launched a national traffic portal using Bing Maps. The site provides drivers with live traffic updates to help them decide on the most efficient, cost-effective, and safest route to their destination.

U.S. DOT Maritime Administration

The Maritime Administration, a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, promotes and maintains waterborne transportation. To gather critical information and provide a single geographic view of data from many sources—especially during a crisis—the Maritime Administration created a data visualization system using Bing Maps.

Leicestershire Constabulary

The Leicestershire Constabulary, which provides police resources for Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland in the U.K., wanted a mapping solution to help its officers better respond to emergencies. Since deploying Bing Maps, the agency has seen a 286 percent increase in vehicle visits to crime hotspots, and reduced fuel consumption by 21 percent.


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Proper car seat installation is critical for new families and can be challenging when new parents try to do it themselves. NHTSA built a Bing Maps based solution to help parents locate car seat inspection stations around the country. Now a parent can easily enter their zip code and an interactive map with all the pertinent information is displayed simplifying yet another task a new parent must do.

University of Cambridge

A research group at the University of Cambridge used Bing Maps to extract and make relevant information from data originally collected 150 years ago by Charles Darwin. The data will be presented throughout 2009, culminating in a seminar in July 2009 in Cambridge, to celebrate Darwin’s discoveries and scientific contributions.



The US Environmental Protection Agency displays an interactive Bing Maps based portal for their site "My Environment." Citizens can input location information (zip code, address, etc) and instantly see air, water, land, health and other environmental impact reports. Users can easily view EPA data on full page maps as well to make informative decisions on environmental data.


What Can Your Agency Do With Bing Maps?

Build Deeper Connections with Constituents

Bing Maps is a cost-effective way to overlay agency data on top of high quality maps and imagery, using effective geocoding services and more to thousands of non-specialist users and the general public.

  • Give people easy access to your agency information such as property lines, zoning, and real-time traffic conditions, by layering those details on Bing Maps.
  • Create an easy-to-use portal for citizens to report local issues such as graffiti, vandalism, and crimes for their local jurisdiction.
  • Improve access to public services by helping citizens search for and locate facilities such as elementary schools, library branches as well as agency venues.

Make Better Decisions

  • Enhance your disaster response with geospatial data that enable federal, state, and local agencies to collaborate around disease outbreaks, weather events, and other incidents using Microsoft’s Geospatial Cloud.
  • Integrate multiple data sources to track and manage organizational resources such as your fleet or mobile workers in order to improve service levels.
  • Make planning information available to all stakeholders in order to ensure a fully informed decision on local planning matters.

Get More with Bing Maps

  • Integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions. Combined with Microsoft Dynamics®, Microsoft SQL Server®, and Windows Azure™, Bing Maps provides the flexibility to construct the solution that best fits your needs, and at the same time save taxpayer dollars.
  • Microsoft Cloud Technology: Focus on your mission and leave the maintenance, operations, and upgrades of the Bing Maps Platform to Microsoft.
  • Robust Geocoding Services: Accurately place your data on a map using the Silverlight, REST or AJAX API quickly and easily.
  • Save Money on Imagery: We are changing mapping history with the Global Ortho project. For the first time ever, Microsoft, in partnership with Digital Globe, is delivering a continuous blanket of 30-centimeter imagery per pixel of the USA and most of Western Europe.
  • Easy-to-Read Maps: Our exclusive map style is designed to focus the user’s eyes on your data—not the map. So whether you’re viewing weather, points, lines or polygons or any spatial data files from traditional heavy GIS systems or spatial databases, our maps will make your data “pop” to the user.
  • Cross-Platform, Cross-Device: The Bing Maps platform is open and accessible from any device from phones to slates to PCs.
  • Developer-Friendly Platform: Developers can access the Bing Maps platform through handy, easy to use APIs and incorporate data from the Bing Maps platform into existing or new line of business applications.

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