Bing Maps Platform FAQ

Can the Bing Maps Platform be used with other development tools, such as Eclipse or Ruby, and other platforms, such as Solaris, Java, Perl, and Linux?

Yes, Bing Maps can be programmatically accessed by virtually any development environment that conforms to the required standards.

The MapPoint Web Service API is a standard SOAP XML-based Web service exposed through WSDL. Provided that your development platform supports SOAP Web service standards, it can be used with MapPoint Web Service.

Because the Bing Maps AJAX Control is a client-side component run in the Web browser, there is no dependency on the development environment. The control can be developed in any environment that can output standard HTML and JavaScript code for the client, even in environments that can deliver only static pages.

The Bing Maps SOAP and REST Services are fully supported and documented via the SDK. Designed for mobile and desktop clients, the functionality is not JavaScript-based, and the maps are static.