Middle East Egypt Microsoft Wins ‘Best Employer’ in Africa
Microsoft Wins ‘Best Employer’ in Africa
Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Cairo, Egypt

Cairo – September, 12. After landing the ‘Best Employer’ award in the Middle East for past two years, Microsoft reached a new height this year after gaining accreditation as the ‘Best Employer’ in Africa for their operation on the continent, namely in Egypt, Kenya, East Africa and South Africa .

This award is presented annually by the Top Employers of Africa Foundation that assesses companies based on criteria and proves that it delivers the best use of human resources and provides an excellent work environment for its employees. Microsoft Egypt, among other big name companies, was the only Egyptian company in the final list of winners, to have met the standards and requirements to gain the award.

The ‘Top Employers of Africa Foundation’ has been granting this award since 1991, based on extensive research carried out by The Corporate Research Foundation Institute, which is located its headquarters in the Netherlands. The CRF is an independent institute founded in 1991 as joint effort concentrating on academics, journalists, researchers and organizations of trade and international publishers. Their goals are to provide an independent assessment of human resources in companies and construct a report based on research. The research yields objective results that will determine the most suitable company that meets the requirements and qualifies for the award.

Samantha Croyes, Manager at CRF Institution in South Africa, stated “As Africa is starting to witness a great improvement in workforce affecting all aspects of daily life, it is imperative to construct reliable methods for managing human resources.” She further added that, “these approaches will support local talent to access their full potential, and ensure an efficient successful growth in business in many emerging markets within the continent. That is why we launched the evaluation process that grants the best employers in Africa.”

Somaya Sherbini, Human Resources Manager at Microsoft Egypt said, "This award is the result of company’s new policy that enables the best working environment, allowing creativity and innovation to blossom from all employees.” She further added, “The outcome of this process reflects positively on the general Egyptian society, reaffirming Microsoft’s commitments. Microsoft is very pleased to have obtained this award for the first time and we are proud to be the only Egyptian company, which appeared in the final list of winners.”

The search processes in which the nominated companies go through are split up into 4 stages. The first being; the preparation of a short list of institutions eligible to enter in the search process, depending on market assessments and cooperation with professionals in human resources. The second phase; is examining the best practices in the field of human resources especially within the areas of management of human resources. The third stage; is the evaluation process, where experts from e CRF Institute, review and examine the results. The experts are accompanied by human resource managers in the organization to answer any questions or concerns regarding working conditions within the company. The 4th phase is the selection process, which determines which companies are eligible gains the prize.

After thorough analysis of Microsoft, the company has proven to provide a structured environment that promotes creativity and innovation. The work ethic that is adopted at Microsoft enables its employees to take decisions and personally determine the best route to complete the work.

Sherbini reassures that, "Microsoft thrives by creating a climate for workers to reach their maximum abilities and ambitions, especially when recruiting the brightest young talents from within the country, ultimately providing them with unique opportunities for success in the industry. Microsoft pushes to create a cooperative atmosphere where suggestions are welcome and encourage a friendly unity among workers. These aspects and practices are crucial elements for winning the ‘Best Employer Award in Africa’."

Microsoft greatly appreciates the ‘Best Employer Award in Africa’, reaffirming its stature within a tough competition. The companies are subjected to strict criteria; fixed rules are applied to all participants of all countries. The title is only awarded to companies that have already achieved the standards of excellence in the policies and practices of human resources.

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