“Microsoft Q4 FY13 Windows Server Hyper-V Deployment SMB Reseller Promotion” Terms & Conditions:

1-     The Microsoft Q4 2013 Windows Server Hyper-V Deployment Promotion (the “Program”) is valid from 4/April /2013 until 30/June /2013 (the “Program Period”).  

2-     This Program is offered to all the Microsoft -Resellers (the “Participants”) located in all the countries included in the Microsoft Middle East and Africa subsidiary.

3-     Employees of Microsoft Corporation, their affiliated companies, advertising agencies, gift suppliers or other representatives, or members of the respective immediate families of such employees and anyone with whom such employees are domiciled are ineligible to participate in the Program.


4-     What is meant by “Deploy” Hyper-V?

Deployment of Hyper-V means installing Windows Server 2012 on the physical server hardware, installing the Hyper-V role, and hosting one or more instances running Windows Server as virtual machines on the server.


5-     Who is meant by Eligible Customers means?

It means a SMB business customer who is not on Microsoft’s internal list of corporate accounts or Major accounts. After each submission, Microsoft will respond by email if the customer is an eligible SMB customer within a maximum of 7 days after your request (“eligibility note”).



6-     Eligibility Requirements : The Participants are eligible to receive a  reward if they meet the following cumulative requirements (the “Eligibility Requirements”):

Ø  Qualifying products. The following products qualify for this Program:  

1.     Windows Server Datacenter

2.     Windows Server Standard Edition

3.     CIS (Core Infrastructure SKU) – Combo of SE or DC with System Center

Ø  License Type:

1.     Open L,

2.     Open L + SA

3.     Open Value

Ø  Eligible Participants:

All Microsoft Reseller(both managed and unmanaged) are eligible to participate. Each partner will have to provide a MPN ID # that will link to their information on file.

Ø  Participants are eligible to receive rewards as follows:

1.     Successfully selling  any of the Qualifying Products listed in the table inserted in Section (6) of this document

Ø  Participants can claim a maximum reward of 5 licenses per customer during the program period. Sales of Qualifying Products in excess of the criteria listed above will not be awarded any additional reward.

Ø  Mechanism to prove Sales and Deployment execution:

1.     Upload the opportunities with qualifying products SKU in www.mspowerupmea.com. If qualified, they will be pre-approved for the reward within 5 working days.

2.     Once pre-approved, close the opportunities with qualifying products within 45 days or by June 30th whichever is the earliest

3.     Provide by June 30th Open License number and the total value of sales of qualifying products SKU done during program period

4.     Upload legible copy of (i) Deployment checklist (signed letter confirming deployment actions) OR (ii) second invoice for deployment of Hyper-V by August 31st, 2013. Customer name must match invoice. Partner name should be the same as partner submitting rebate request.

5.     Confirmation of the validity and of the amount of the rewards will be sent within 5 working days after uploading proof of sales and deployment as described above in points (3), (4).


Ø  Partner is responsible for obtaining and submitting required documentation to Microsoft in a timely manner and in accordance with local program requirements. Microsoft reserves the right to request additional documentation and the right to contact customer to confirm any information provided.


Ø  The Participant sales amounts will be validated using Microsoft’s internal sales tools.

7-     Rewards : Subject to these terms and conditions for the Program, if a Participant meets the Eligibility Requirements, they will be entitled to the following rewards :


Gift Voucher amounts

Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition


Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition


CIS (Core Infrastructure SKU) Standard Edition


CIS (Core Infrastructure SKU) Datacenter Edition



8-      The rewards are non-refundable and non-transferable.

9-     Any reward amounts accrued for any returned Qualifying Product will be deducted from the relevant reward due amount (if any). In the event that any Qualifying Product is returned after Microsoft has paid a participant a reward amount (or any part thereof), Microsoft may require the repayment of that reward amount associated with the returned Qualifying Products

10-  Qualifying Product units in respect of which a reward is due to be paid under this Program are not eligible for any other incentive, rebate or discount from Microsoft with the exception of the discount included in the price list. Likewise, any Qualifying Product purchased under any other Microsoft discount program shall not be eligible for any reward under this Program.

11-  Payment Process: 

Ø  All proof of sales and deployment orders will be reviewed with internal Microsoft tools.

Ø  The reward amount confirmation will be sent by email to the participant within 5 working days after uploading proof of sales and deployment

Ø  Microsoft will provide at end of each month with the list of rewards to be paid by EMEA Channel Incentive Department to process the payment

Ø  Payment will be done :

Ø  Through Distributor

1.     EMEA Channel Incentive team will send a credit note equivalent to the rewards amount, the last week of the month, to the Distributor from which the Qualifying products sales has been made.

2.     Distributor will transfer rewards to the participant upon list of rewards received by Microsoft.[AO(1] 

12-  Purchase cancellation and/or failure to provide Microsoft with any of the documents considered as proof of delivery at any time will invalidate your reward under this Program.

13-  To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Microsoft shall have the sole right, at its own discretion, to change the terms of the Program by extending or shortening the Program Period, to alter any of the terms and conditions or otherwise stop or cancel the Program without any requirement for advance notice to the Participant.

14-  All Participants, by entering the Program agree to be bound by these rules and agree that Microsoft may retain process and export their personal information within Microsoft Corporation and/or any of its subsidiaries.

15-  Microsoft makes no expressed or implied warrantee with respect to the reward mentioned above and accepts no responsibility for any liability that may arise out of participation in this Program or the use of any Reward. It is the responsibility of the Participant to comply with all statutory requirements, including taxes