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Academic Support Center – Middle East & Africa

Welcome to the Academic Support Center
An exclusive curriculum resource center for Middle East and Africa Information Technology faculty.
Here you can get teaching material and learn more about Microsoft newest technologies.
You can also interact with our local academic community by Facebook and Twitter or interact with our team by email.
So don’t miss out the chance to improve your classes by introducing exciting technologies to your students!

News and Highlights

  • New image-recognition research from Microsoft Research Asia, to be featured Oct. 29 during that lab’s 16th annual Computing in the 21st Century Conference, focuses on the use of deep learning for image-related tasks.
  • Harry Shum, Microsoft executive vice president of Technology & Research, pens an open letter to address issues raised by university professors after the closing of Microsoft Research's lab in Silicon Valley.



  • The R2 Probabilistic Programming Tool is a research project within the Programming Languages and Tools group at Microsoft Research on probabilistic programming. Our goal is to build a user friendly and scalable probabilistic programming system by employing powerful techniques...
  • This library provides highly optimized versions of primitive functions such as repmat, set intersection, and gammaln. It provides efficient random number generators and evaluation of common probability densities. It provides routines for counting floating-point operations...

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