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Academic Support Center – Middle East & Africa

Welcome to the Academic Support Center
An exclusive curriculum resource center for Middle East and Africa Information Technology faculty.
Here you can get teaching material and learn more about Microsoft newest technologies.
You can also interact with our local academic community by Facebook and Twitter or interact with our team by email.
So don’t miss out the chance to improve your classes by introducing exciting technologies to your students!

News and Highlights


  • Mataki is an open, reconfigurable, flexible, wirelessly-enabled, low-cost GPS tracking technology with wireless communication. Our aim is to keep Mataki low-cost and readily reprogrammable to allow researchers to explore novel tracking approaches by developing their own...
  • Download Windows Binary files Only - FaST-LMM (Factored Spectrally Transformed Linear Mixed Models) is a program for performing genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on large data sets. It runs on both Windows and Linux system, and has been tested on data sets with over...

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