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Ready for a new day 

Inside your company is a powerful force: a force that can cut costs, win customers, and find innovative new business opportunities all over the world.

It's your people. Are they ready for today's new world of work?

Join us now and get your people and business ready for the launch of Microsoft 2007 Office system, Windows Vista, and Exchange Server 2007!

We invite you to join us and learn how to prepare your people for the challenges of today's world of work. We all know that today, your people are the key to success in an increasingly competitive environment. Please join us to know how you can help your people.

  • work together more easily with customers and partners,
  • manage sensitive information securely,
  • find information and improve business insight, and
  • reduce costs while simultaneously increasing security.

Business/IT Decision Makers: When individuals realize their potential, your company realizes it's potential. That realization is what separates what we call a "People-Ready" business from an ordinary one. So, is your business People-Ready? The answers could very well depend on the software you use, the technology partners you've chosen, and the core infrastructure on which your company runs. Check out the Business Agenda for more details.

IT Professionals: On the verge of the launch of the 2007 Office system, Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Vista, understand how you - as a technology professional - can harness the strength of these technologies to amplify the impact of your people with a business productivity infrastructure that can help streamline the way the people within your organization do business. Check out the Technical Agenda for more details.

Register now at any of our locations to get an overview of how innovative new products like Microsoft 2007 Office system, Windows Vista, and Exchange Server 2007 can help your company be ready for a new day.

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