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Licensing Guide for You to Make Smart Purchases

Microsoft offers you various licensing models and programs according to your business needs. Reviewing them prior to purchases may enable you to choose the best solutions and the most proper licensing model for your organization. Therefore, Microsoft has brought Get Licensing Ready into service to ease licensing buying for you.

Get Licensing Ready is a free online training platform which provides an easy way to understand through online tutorials, data sheets and assessments. It contains 3 different tracks to help you learn licensing at the level of detail you need as well as giving you opportunity to focus on customized licensing trainings for small medium businesses. In addition to that, Get Licensing Ready provides an accreditation for each track upon your completion of related assessments.

How many licenses (how many PCs)?

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Full-packaged Products
If you need less than five licenses, you can buy the products you need individually from one of our Microsoft Retailers .
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Open License
Entry-level program that allows you to start using software immediately and pay as you go. Recommended for small organizations.
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Open Value
Optimal for organizations that want to standardize their IT infrastructure, customize their platform, and maximize their investment with Software Assurance. You can also upgrade at any time-no need to track versions or open new agreements. Recommended for small and midsize organizations.
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Open Value Subscription
Get the benefits of Open Value with lower up-front costs and the ability to increase or decrease license count on an annual basis to accommodate changes in desktop PC count. Recommended for small and midsize organizations.
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Enterprise Agreement
The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is the best licensing program for organizations that want to standardize IT across the enterprise yet retain the flexibility to choose from on-premises and cloud services.
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