Middle East Iraq Microsoft Celebrates its' First Project in Baghdad Bringing the...
Microsoft Celebrates its' First Project in Baghdad Bringing the Latest Technology to the Local Community
The First Certified Professional Training Center in Iraq is a Collaboration between Microsoft, Legend Lands - LLS Group and the United States Department of Defense Task Force for Business & Stability Operations
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Baghdad, Iraq

October 27, 2010 - In line with the Microsoft mission to help people and businesses realize their full potential and reach out to the local Iraqi community, the company inaugurated the first Microsoft Certified Professional Learning Center in Baghdad.

This project came to life as a result of the close cooperation between Microsoft, their local partner Legend Lands - LLS Group and the United States Department of Defense Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) in Iraq.

This initiative highlights Microsoft’s commitment to making technology available to everyone and marks a major step forward in integrating technology in the local Iraqi community.

The center, located in the commercial area of Al-Masbah Baghdad, is equipped with more than 80 computers and a Prometric testing center where attendees will have easy and affordable access to the latest Microsoft technologies and innovative learning solutions.

"The idea of the Learning Center came about when the Task Force hosted Microsoft in Baghdad last year to explore potential business avenues for the Iraqi community. Capacity building and training were clearly identified as top priorities for the country,” said Dr Stan Lumish, Director of Science and Technology for the TFBSO, “so, we worked closely with LLS and Microsoft to solidify the idea. I am honored and proud to be a part of this notable milestone in the revitalization of Iraq."

The new Microsoft Learning Center has just started operations, receiving citizens from across the country. Microsoft plans in the coming few months to launch a country-wide awareness campaign that reaches out to the community and stakeholders to promote learning and training for all segments of society, including businesses and Government bodies.

“As a Technology leader, we seek to inspire our partners to help local citizens achieve their full potential and with a dedicated Learning Center in the country we will help them achieve that more efficiently than before,” stated Rajai Khadem, Microsoft Business Development Manager in Iraq. “This is the first on-ground project we have completed in Baghdad but we have many promising plans for the future, as Microsoft aims to bring the most innovative technology and improve the quality of education where it is present.”

“Technology is created to serve us and make our lives easier and this is why we established this state of the art training center; providing top of the line professional training right here in Baghdad where students and knowledge seekers can benefit without having to travel outside Iraq,” commented Ahmed Izzidien, Director of LLS Group. “Our next mission is to reach out to a larger group of people to benefit from it and learn more how technology will positively impact their daily life.”


The Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) was established by the US Department of Defense in June 2006 to restore economic normalcy in Iraq, where unrest and insurgency had created a synchronous downward spiral of unemployment, poverty and violence. Since then, TFBSO has successfully implemented a range of economic growth and job creation projects, including the encouragement of private investment, industrial development, banking and financial system development, agricultural diversification and revitalization, and energy development. In 2010, TFBSO commenced operations to advance economic opportunities for the people of Afghanistan, focusing on agriculture, indigenous industries, mineral resource development, and banking services development.

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Microsoft opened its Dubai-based Middle East office in 1991. Microsoft today has four subsidiaries in the Middle East region: Microsoft Gulf which oversees Microsoft activities in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Oman and Yemen, Microsoft Arabia covering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Microsoft Egypt and Microsoft North Africa East Mediterranean and Pakistan that oversees Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine Territories and Pakistan.

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