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Create Home Movies Effortlessly with Windows Movie Maker 2

See It in Action, Then Do It Yourself

Content Updated: January 07, 2003
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Create home movies effortlesslyWindows Movie Maker 2 makes it easy for just about anyone to make movies on their computer. Just build your storyboard, edit your clips, add music, and you’ll have your first movie ready to go!

Watch the video, and then follow the steps below to build a movie yourself. Watching the video requires that you have Windows Media Player.

Start watching the video now Broadband: Watch the video now.
Download the video now Dial-up: Download the video (instructions)

Do It Yourself


Build a Storyboard
Movie Maker automatically divides your video into segments to make it easier to drag and drop the parts you want onto the storyboard where you put your movie together.

To build a storyboard:

  1. Import video to your PC. You’ll see your clips in the Collections view.
  2. Double click on each clip to see how it looks in the preview window.
  3. Once you’ve decided which ones you want to put in your movie, click and drag the clips to the Storyboard in the order in which you’d like them to appear in your final movie.

    The Storyboard
    The Storyboard
  4. To rearrange your clips on the storyboard, just drag and drop them to a different location.


Edit Your Clips
Trim your clips to get exactly the footage you need.

To edit clips:

  1. In the Timeline view, click on the clip you’d like to trim.
  2. In the Preview window, drag the scroll bar slowly and watch as the video progresses.
  3. Stop at the point where you want to trim the clip.
  4. On the Clip menu, click Set Start Trim Point.
  5. Now continue to drag the progress indicator until you reach the desired end point of your clip.

    Editing a clip
    Editing a clip

  6. On the Clip menu, click Set End Trim Point.
  7. You will now have your trimmed clip.


Add Audio
A soundtrack can really draw your audience in and add fun to your home movies. Just import your favorite clips and then drag them to the timeline.

To add audio:

  1. In the Taskpane, click on Import audio or music.
  2. Navigate to the music track you’d like to add to your movie .
  3. Click on Import.
  4. The music track will appear in your Collection view.

    A music clip in the Collection view
    A music clip in the Collection view

  5. Click on Show Timeline button in the Storyboard section of your screen.
  6. Drag your music track to the Audio/Music level of the Timeline.

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