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Information on the VBS/Loveletter Virus

A new virus is circulating through e-mail and affecting many customers. If you open the mail and launch the attachment, the virus could overwrite .jpg, .mp3, and other file types, and may attempt to send a copy of itself to everyone in the recipient's address book. All major anti-virus vendors have updated signature files available that will detect and delete the virus.

  • If you are a personal user or a general business user, Microsoft TechNet has information on how to best protect yourself from this and similar types of viruses. If you think you might be infected, you can find links here to more information from third-party anti-virus vendors on how to scan and, if necessary, rid your computer of the virus.

    Read the TechNet bulletin at:

  • If you are a Microsoft Exchange Server administrator, Microsoft Product Support Services is offering a new utility called ISSCAN to remove the Love Letter virus and repair both the private and public information store. Note: This utility is designed for Microsoft Exchange Server administrators only, not consumers or general business users.

    Read the Product Support Services knowledge base article with links to the ISSCAN download at:

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