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Micosoft TechNet
TechNet: Designed for the IT Pro

By John Cain

Archive of Past


In the past, it’s been difficult for IT professionals to locate information on the vast array of issues they face every day. Resources and information have been spread out across the web, with very little in the way of organization and cohesiveness, especially on Microsoft’s web site.

We recognize that problem, and our response is the TechNet Web site. A site designed for you - the IT Professional.

Woman at Computer The TechNet Web site is very much a work in progress. Its success is dependent on feedback from the IT professionals who utilize it – in fact, user input plays a crucial role in driving the direction of content on the site. Help us make a good resource even better by contacting us via the “Write Us” button on the black toolbar above.

Microsoft TechNet Program
Microsoft TechNet is the central information and community resource designed for IT professionals. The Microsoft TechNet Web site and newsletter, quarterly briefings, CD subscription product, and special offers have been designed to meet the technical information and community interaction needs of anyone who evaluates, deploys, maintains, develops, or supports IT systems for his or her organization. Microsoft TechNet keeps IT professionals on top of technology trends, and it provides the kind of in-depth "how to" information that helps them successfully plan and deploy their technology choices. In addition, Microsoft TechNet serves as a forum for them to share information, ideas, and opinions with colleagues-and with Microsoft.

Web Site and Newsletter
The Microsoft TechNet Web site is the single best Web resource available from Microsoft for IT professionals. Easily accessed from the Internet at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/, the Web site contains articles, white papers, and other information designed to help IT professionals manage their IT business and stay abreast of key trends and topics. It’s also the place to go to interact with Microsoft as well as share information with peers. Available to customers who register on the Microsoft TechNet site, the biweekly TechNet Flash Newsletter provides customers with advance notice about the latest features on the Web site as well as special offers and premiums available to Microsoft TechNet Web site customers. Whether IT professionals are making high-level decisions about technology, deploying new systems, or supporting systems on a daily basis, the Microsoft TechNet Web site coupled with the TechNet Flash Newsletter is the place to go for useful technical information to aid the process.

Some of the key features of the TechNet Web site include:

  • TechNet Flash Newsletter - This bi-weekly e-mail news service delivers updates to IT professionals regarding the availability of new TechNet resources and enhancements. It is one of the most valuable elements of the TechNet Web site providing a synopsis of the most interesting and exciting new offerings on a regular basis, all to your e-mail box directly. Register for the TechNet Flash today.

  • IT Community Connectivity - TechNet is committed to bringing the IT community together. Through tools like threaded discussions, online bulletin boards, technical support newsgroups and peer-to-peer white pages, IT professionals are able to engage with Microsoft while fostering peer interaction, best-practice sharing and collaboration.

  • Year 2000 - The fast-approaching date of January 1, 2000 could have a tremendous and devastating effect on IT professionals. The TechNet Web site is here with all the information you need to know regarding Year 2000, from frequently asked questions to online seminars. This is also the source for the Microsoft Year 2000 product guide, a resource detailing the Year 2000 status of specific Microsoft products.
TechNet Briefings -
Microsoft TechNet briefings are free events that focus on explaining Microsoft products and technologies at a technical level. Presented by Microsoft technicians, the briefings emphasize solutions rather than product features and give attendees the chance to learn firsthand where Microsoft technology is heading. Targeted to IT decision makers, analysts, and corporate developers, the briefings are regularly scheduled, local-market events that provide a forum for sharing issues while serving as an excellent vehicle for peer-to-peer networking. The briefings consist of a general session followed by break-out tracks on a variety of subjects, including Microsoft Developer Network content and presentations that are pertinent to developers’ needs. In addition, attendees leave with a kit that serves as a reference tool and resource guide for additional information.

IT Professionals can learn more about the session topics in the Technical briefings by visiting the TechNet Web site at - http://www.microsoft.com/technet/commune/

Through TechNet Briefings and the Events page, IT professionals are able to locate seminars and programs that are not only tailored to their needs, but are also going on in their local geographic area. Registration for Technical Briefings is available at the TechNet Web site at – http://events.microsoft.com/isapi/events/

CD Subscription Product -
The Microsoft TechNet CD subscription product delivers the most complete and current source of Microsoft technical information right to the IT professional’s desktop. A one-year subscription delivers up-to-date technical information every month, including the entire Microsoft Knowledge Base, all Microsoft resource kits, drivers and patches, service packs, training materials, case studies, evaluation and reviewer’s guides, and much more. A subscription is an excellent investment for IT professionals- whether they make high-level decisions on technology, deploy new systems, or support systems on a daily basis.

TechNet CD Subscription Information -

We need your input! Get in touch with the TechNet Web team via the "Write Us" button on the black toolbar above.
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