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Modeling the World - May 17, 2010
In an e-mail to customers, Bob Muglia, president of Server & Tools Business at Microsoft, discusses a new effort that focuses specifically on empowering millions of the world’s smartest problem solvers.


The New Efficiency - Sept. 29, 2009
In an e-mail to customers, Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft, shares his thoughts on how information technology can enable organizations to operate more efficiently, more effectively, and more strategically as they respond to the new normal by moving toward the new efficiency.


A Platform for the Next Technology Revolution - Oct. 28, 2008
In an e-mail to customers, Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft, shares information about new technologies from Microsoft that will open the door to a new generation of solutions that extend from the desktop to the mobile phone, the mobile media player, the car, the TV, and beyond.

Harnessing the Power of Virtualization for Dynamic IT - Jan. 21, 2008
Bob Muglia, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business, explains how virtualization is helping companies reduce costs today, and how it will have a significant impact on the way businesses run IT systems and provide employees and customers access to the applications and services they need in the future.


Bill Gates on the Age of Software-Powered Communications - Oct. 16, 2007
In an e-mail to customers, Bill Gates outlines his vision for how software-powered communications technologies will eliminate the boundaries between the various modes of communications we use throughout the day and provide the catalyst for the convergence of voice, video, text, and information.

Bill Gates on Enabling Secure Anywhere Access in a Connected World - Feb. 6, 2007
In an e-mail to customers, Bill Gates discusses the changing nature of security and the work that is being done at Microsoft to advance trust in computing and to help pave the way for future connected experiences based on secure and easy anywhere access.


A New Era of Business Productivity and Innovation - Nov. 30, 2006
In an e-mail to customers, Steve Ballmer discusses the importance of Windows Vista, 2007 Office system, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and the role they will play in driving a new era of innovation that will unlock personal creativity and productivity, and open the door to even greater opportunity and growth in the years ahead.

The Unified Communications Revolution - June 26, 2006
In an e-mail to customers, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates discusses “unified communications,” a new generation of software innovations that will break down the barriers between the communications modes—email, voice, Web conferencing and more—that we use every day.

Beyond Business Intelligence: Delivering a Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Information Management - May 17, 2006
This week, more than 100 CEOs representing many of the world's leading companies are meeting in Redmond, Washington, to discuss technology trends that promise to reshape the corporate landscape. The occasion is the Microsoft CEO Summit, an annual event that we've been hosting since 1997.


Together, We Build Business - September 6, 2005
In an e-mail to customers, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer outlines how Microsoft and its partners are working to build deeper connections with midsize customers and deliver innovative new software that works the way midsize companies really work.

The New World of Work - May 19, 2005
In an e-mail to customers, Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect describes the company's work to ensure that its software works well across heterogeneous IT environments.

Building Software That Is Interoperable By Design - February 3, 2005
In an e-mail to customers, Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect describes the company's work to ensure that its software works well across heterogeneous IT environments.


Customer Focus: Comparing Windows with Linux and UNIX - October 27, 2004
Steve Ballmer on Customer Focus: Comparing Windows with Linux and UNIX.

Preserving and Enhancing the Benefits of Email -- A Progress Report - Published: June 28, 2004
Bill Gates provides an update on the progress of efforts to curb the epidemic of junk email.

Managing IT for Business Value - May 19, 2004
Steve Ballmer discusses Microsoft's work to help businesses get the most out of their technology investments.

Microsoft Progress Report: Security - March 31, 2004
Bill Gates outlines a roadmap for battling malicious software code, helping computer users keep their PCs protected, and making computer systems more resilient so they can identify and stop suspicious behavior.


The Productivity Frontier - October 13, 2003
Jeff Raikes explains how the new Microsoft Office System furthers the goal to improve personal, team and organizational productivity by addressing a broad array of business processes.

Toward a Spam-Free Future - June 24, 2003
Bill Gates explains that at Microsoft, as part of our drive to create a more trustworthy computing environment, we are significantly stepping up our efforts to fight spam and its pollution of the e-mail ecosystem.

Rights Management: Enabling New Opportunities for Customers - May 7, 2003
Steve Ballmer explains that Microsoft has been working on a number of emerging rights management technologies that will help protect many kinds of digital content, and open new avenues for its secure and controlled use.

Security in a Connected World - January 23, 2003
Bill Gates shares his thoughts about Microsoft's efforts to help increase security in a networked world. The framework for these efforts is Secure by Design, by Default, in Deployment, and Communications.


Looking Forward - November 13, 2002
Steve Ballmer explains Microsoft's changing role in the technology industry following the 2002 antitrust settlement.

Connecting with Customers - June 26, 2006
Steve Ballmer shares his thoughts about how Microsoft can do a better job of serving its customers. As part of the Connecting with Customers effort, Microsoft is committed to further product improvements and greater customer satisfaction.

Trustworthy Computing - July 18, 2002
Bill Gates explains the Trustworthy Computing framework and what Microsoft is doing to help improve customers' computing experiences.

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