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Microsoft Executive E-mail 

Providing Feedback to Microsoft

Published: September 26, 2006

Connecting with Customers
An executive email from Steve Ballmer on how Microsoft connects with customers.

Customer Experience Improvement Program
Learn more about one of our newest product feedback tools, which is integrated into the latest version of MSN Explorer.

Consistent and Predictable Support Lifecycle Policy
Read about Microsoft's efforts to standardize support guidelines across product lines, which will cover most products currently available via retail purchase or volume licensing and future release products. Find more information at the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Web site.

Send Feedback
Tell us what you think about our products, Web sites or services.

Contact Microsoft
Find phone numbers, support options, or submit a request for online help.

Microsoft's mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. A key part of delivering on our mission is achieving a broad customer connection: understanding customers' needs and how they use our technology, and providing value through information and support. You can read more about Microsoft's mission and values here.

Our efforts to connect with customers take many forms. Several of them are described below, with links to more information and ways that you can connect with us.

Software Updates

Microsoft has been working hard to stay connected with customers by simplifying and even automating the process of keeping software current with the latest security features and other critical updates. Several security management solutions are available.

For individual PC owners and some small businesses, Windows Update and Office Update are the online extensions of Windows and Office that help keep computers up-to-date. Use Windows Update and Office Update to choose updates for your computer's operating system, software and hardware. New content is added to the sites regularly, so you can always get the most recent updates and fixes to protect your computer and keep it running smoothly. Update your Windows operating system, read more about Office Update, or update your Office software.

For updating systems inside a corporate firewall, Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) is designed to greatly simplify the process. SUS enables administrators to quickly and reliably deploy critical updates to their Windows 2000-based servers, as well as to desktop computers running Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional.

Enterprises with many systems to manage will want to explore Microsoft Systems Management Server, with its full set of tools for software distribution, asset management and remote troubleshooting.

Unsure which software update solution is right for you? Go here for help in choosing.

Microsoft Error Reporting

In a letter to customers, CEO Steve Ballmer highlights an innovative new way that Microsoft enables users of our software to easily report problems they encounter. This error-reporting feature, now included in Windows XP, Office XP and most of our other major products, has already helped us to accelerate the elimination of bugs in our software and in third-party software written for our platform.

Some of the most significant enhancements resulting from Microsoft Error Reporting are available today in Office XP.

Customers might wonder about the privacy implications of software that "phones home" to report problems. The error-reporting feature does not involve the use any information that could identify a particular individual or computer. Read about our data collection policy and how error reports are used.

More Ways to Send Feedback

You don't have to wait until you encounter an error to send us feedback, or be limited by the information the error-reporting feature can collect. Tell us what you think about our products, Web sites or services using this online form. We value your feedback and use it to provide better services and products for our customers. Feedback can include comments about a support experience, improvements to Product Support Services, and comments about Help and Support online.

Microsoft Help and Support

Search our database of more than 250,000 support articles created by Microsoft Support professionals. Find software updates, service packs, patches, device drivers and downloadable Microsoft products. Get support information by product, including common issues, frequently asked questions, instructions and latest downloads.

Your Guide to Microsoft Customer Service

We offer customers many ways to obtain help in getting the most out of our products, and you can easily find the majority of them from one site. Make it one of your favorites. View product information, site maps and indexes, browse FAQs and technical how to's, find product and service policies, and search Microsoft sites. Find out how to buy a product, subscribe to a program or online service, purchase support, or participate in an event or training course.

The Community Connection

Join, share and learn from Microsoft Communities. The communities provide a variety of resources including Tips and Tricks, chats, newsgroups, featured downloads and more. Gain from valuable peer-to-peer support relationships and learn more about our MVPs, who provide real-time customer guidance and feedback based on their daily involvement with Microsoft customers and products.

Software developers and others who are technically oriented can find a wealth of helpful information, tools and community wisdom from MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network. Also, Microsoft TechNet provides IT professionals with many technical resources and help for planning, deploying, managing and supporting Microsoft software and technologies.

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