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Our Commitment

Tony Hey

Welcome to Scientific Computing at Microsoft, our company-wide effort to collaborate with the global scientific community. As modern science increasingly relies on integrated information technologies to collect, process, and analyze complex data, we believe that the Computer Science research community and Microsoft technologies can assist scientists make breakthrough discoveries.

Microsoft is committed to collaborating with the global scientific community to find solutions for some of the toughest challenges facing humanity, in diverse disciplines like life sciences, environmental science, and engineering. We understand the critical connection between science and computing, and the importance of developing software solutions that can support and enhance scientific research processes.

To emphasize our commitment to science and engineering, at Supercomputing ’07 Microsoft released the first public beta of Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008. The increase in performance, functionality, and partner applications of the new release will make it much easier for engineers and scientists to focus on their research, rather than on their research infrastructure.

Collaboration is the proven key to success. In the coming year, we will be highlighting technologies that will support the scientific community in new and creative ways. There is much work to do, and there are many problems to solve; we are committed to working with you to help find global solutions that can change the world.


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