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Interoperability by Design

To conduct advanced research successfully, scientists need tools and services that can work together seamlessly to perform complex data processing tasks. We understand that the business of science requires the researcher to use a wide variety of tools, not all of which will be on the Microsoft platform. We are committed to encourage the development of scientific software designed to interoperate with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft tools and technologies, to enable the researcher to use the latest and best technologies wherever they may be found.

Microsoft works with the scientific community to identify the needs of researchers and to deliver interoperability by design. Over the past year, Microsoft has stepped up efforts to identify and meet interoperability needs, launching the Interoperability Executive Customer Council, made up of senior CIOs from the public and private sectors around the world. The Council focuses on identifying critical interoperability issues Microsoft has also co-founded the Interoperability Vendor Alliance, built interoperability toolsets in collaboration with vendors such as Novell and JBoss, delivered the Open Specification Promise, and has supported Open XML as an international standard. All of this action represents Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to developing and supporting interoperability by design through consistent, customer-focused activities.

Interoperability, Choice, and Open XML
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