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Microsoft Rainier Cluster with Windows HPC Server 2008 Proves 30% More Efficient than Previous Benchmark Result

In today’s competitive scientific community, insight and discovery depend on the ability to quickly analyze increasingly complex data. As data sets expand, scientists require their high-performance computing (HPC) capacity to be provisioned more productively, necessitating a move off their workstations onto scalable clusters or more efficient deployment and management of cluster environments. Microsoft’s HPC platform can provide scalable cluster solutions that are designed to help users do more science and less IT, by utilizing existing skill sets for managing an HPC system.

Recent benchmark results based on the Microsoft Rainier cluster provide perspective on the performance and productivity capabilities of Microsoft’s HPC solution.

The Microsoft Rainier cluster is a scalable test bed that delivered two Linpack benchmarks that ranked among the Top500* supercomputers in the world. Each Linpack benchmark result was achieved using a version of Microsoft’s HPC platform. The first, (8.997 TFlops, Top500 List June 2007) was achieved using Windows Compute Cluster Server (WCCS). The second (11.75 TFlops,Top500 List November 2007) used the same hardware and a prerelease version of Windows HPC Server 2008, the successor to WCCS.

Both of the Microsoft Rainier cluster benchmark results demonstrate that Microsoft and its customers are building supercomputing clusters that are among some of the largest and most powerful supercomputers in the world.

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*The Top500 project provides consistent and reliable tracking of high-performance computing (HPC) trends, as measured by the Linpack benchmark.

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