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Learn how solutions from Microsoft can help organizations realize the promise of anywhere access and increase agility, productivity, and end-to-end data protection.

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Achieving anywhere access takes a comprehensive set of innovations, tools, and technology. See what Microsoft provides.

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Microsoft and its industry partners are working together to provide customers with interoperable technologies and choices.

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The New Network Balancing Act

An increasingly mobile workforce and a growing global economy has put today’s IT and business executives in a precarious balancing act: How to meet the growing demand for network access, while maintaining the security and reliability of that network in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats? The stakes are high, and organizations unable to solve this challenge risk losing their competitive edge, and increase their potential exposure to data breaches, infrastructure attacks, and cyber crimes.

Enabling More Secure Business in a Public World

Today’s business leaders are putting a premium on providing ‘anywhere access,’ where employees, partners and customers can securely share and access critical business information from any device and any location, on or off the network. Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help organizations realize the promise of anywhere access with the most comprehensive set of innovations, tools, and technologies in the industry. These solutions can help businesses increase their agility and productivity while ensuring end-to-end security and privacy protection.

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